Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I overslept a full 63 minutes (my alarm has a "convenient" 9-minute snooze feature).
Then I worked on choir stuff.
Then I went to Panera and talked with Megan and Rachel.
Then we braved the newly-reconstructed ShopRite.
Then we went to the library*!
Then we went to Rita's. YUM.
Then choir practice was epic.
Then Megan started humming songs from My Fair Lady.
Then I worked on stuff, which wasn't as fun, but still good.
Then I talked on Facebook with Hannah and Caleb and Kirsten, at various times.
Then I chatted with David and Doug and Rachel for a while.**

My life is so perfect.
I am going to miss everybody so much.


*Yes, on our first day off of school, we spent 3 hours at the library. it was magical.
** In some cases, "chatted with" means "went on an 'anti-river road rant' at"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Had dinner and a mini-hike with my dad to a neat overlook semi-near us... it was great. Just beautiful. The bugs would not have been my first choice of companions, but I guess that is what you get for summer!

Speaking of summer... OHMY. Sleepover last night with Megan and Kirsten and Hannah. 'Twas pretty great. I love those girls! (Hi! if you read this!)
Of course, I fell asleep before much of the insanity, but it is okay. I was still awake for star-tipping, and eating more sugar than in the past 2 weeks combined, and torturing poor little toads by throwing them into the wading pool and making them slide down the slide, and watching movies that I am sure are far too scary for me, and talking and making way too much noise, and doing other stuff that probably was a result of the sugar I mentioned earlier.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


last night was so awesome.
the mimes are fantastic.
I also found the opportunity to use the word "fantastic" as per its "archaic/poetic" definition.
and then I went to Christine's.
need I say any more?

...except that, oh yeah, I am FINISHED with high school... forever. woah.
and I do like the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, but the casting in the new one is better on almost all accounts.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Not really. But pretty great nonetheless.

In homeroom it was my turn... that is, for the past few months every so often we have chosen one of the girls to "bless" during homeroom. We talk about what we appreciate about her, and memories we have, and then we pray for her. This week is the senior girls' turn... and today it was mine. I LOVE THOSE GIRLS so much. Not just because they say nice things to me... they just have such great hearts, and every homeroom they genuinely look to bless whoever it is. When Megan started talking I about cried.
Study period instead of Math and Physics. Used it to prepare for LE EPIC choir pieces... the last ones I will ever arrange/organize here at NCCS! :/
And then in Apologetics/Latin I got to see what all that hype called "Harry Potter" was about. The first movie... it was pretty good. Except that Dan kept yelling every time Dumbledore came onscreen, "He's GAY!!!" and everybody else is just, "shut up, Dan."
Kristen's graduation was also tonight. She won THE Christian Character Award, and the guy presenting it said a lot of great things about her that described her personally and PERFECTLY. It was one of two awards given the whole night, total. I'm bragging now, and I don't care :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

j'adore my school

Today I had my last chapel at New Covenant. :'(

But really, I can be thankful I have had such an amazing school that I WOULD be... WILL be sad to leave it.
NCCS has been 100% of my intellectual life... a good 67% of my social life... and probably hovering somewhere around 55% of my spiritual life. For the past seven years. Which is really all of my life that I want to remember at all, and even some of that is debatable.

We had senior chapel today. Mrs. B let me, Megan, and Kevin lead singing... so, I guess it was "senior chapel + Doug." Everything is "+ Doug." Girls' Ensemble... + Doug. Senior chapel... + Doug. It's kind of entertaining, really.

Then in Latin, Mr. C handed out copies of the Harry Potter books and we researched the linguistic roots of many of the major names, spells, etc from them.

Then I FINISHED MY SENIOR THESIS for realz this time, guys! Mrs. B took us all to Starbucks and Barnes & Noble in celebration. I love being able to fit the whole senior class into the backseats of a minivan.

At lunch we had a supersecretsociety meeting, which is really just a bunch of us who are going to make a documentary film this sumer, which has potential to be pretty epic. And I almost sat on a wasp, because it was the only bench left because all the guys were being wimps about a silly little bug. :P

After school I hung out, read, talked to my mom, researched stuff for supersecretsociety, ate the equivalent of half a cantaloupe, did minimal homework, prepared some girls' ensemble stuff, talked to Megan for about an hour and a half, and now I am going to bed.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Tuesday!

wow. wow. wow.
life is simultaneously slowing down and speeding up.
I am simultaneously distraught and giddy.
my thesis is simultaneously bad and neglected. (:P)
but the mime dress rehearsal was tonight, and I only goofed once or twice (I am running sound).


Monday, May 23, 2011


I have had the biggest moodswingy day EVER.

Fortunately, while that involves some very low lows (rrrggghhh = high school drama* + thesis), it also means I am very easily amused/pleased.
As always, that is much thanks to Megan/Christine.
I love talking to those girls.
I am also a big fan of straightening out my insecurities. yay for clarity! yay for good solid friendships that last through drama, regardless!


*Only four days thereof left! ...bittersweet.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I wore my favorite paisley sundress today. That made me happy.

I wrote another Veloquence post today and talked with Rachel about it. That made me happy as well.

I walked to the stone wall today. That also made me happy.

I sat at the stone wall listening to Jeff & Mychael Danna while reading Cymbeline, a random* Shakespeare I picked up for 25 cents. That made me extra-happy.

I talked to Christine. That made me extra-super happy :)


*And decidedly racy... ouch.

week 3

late Saturday night out doing funnish things with friends...

wow, tonight was interesting.

but I have to say, the best part of today was Megan coming over and making Abby & Josh's presents.
and Aaron's mortal fear of the glitter we glued all over the outside of their cards. and other glitter in random places, like Kirsten's awesome mask from Pier 1.

but there is something small and achey about the whole thing...
I'm old.
and I have 4 days of classes left.
of high school.


Friday, May 20, 2011

*heart* (the actual thing is HTML-unkosher)

Too many things went right today to list them all.

Namely, it was the drama class' method acting day. Jen acted me. She got the eating-in-most-classes part right.

And swing.

And CHRISTINE ( <3 ) came.

And I don't need to wear a corset to the Barn Dance!

And ohhh my, the humidity. It was so hot. I blacked out twice throughout the evening. But my hair is nice and ...er... voluminous? :P


Thursday, May 19, 2011


From Apologetics... wrap your mind around this:
The presupposition of the Trinity is the possibility of any meaningful predication.
Basically, no question raised in attack on the Christian faith can have any meaning without the presupposition of a God in the first place.

and I started a sewing project with the scraps from the mime rainbow. It is epic. And some pretty intense fabric conservation... when you get a 210" x 6" piece of fabric, there is not a whole lot you can do with it.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


got to play Scrabble in Latin, and drink tea, and I got my Q on a triple letter space.
then came home and talked to Christine.
and then talked to Megan.
and then started to feel sick and slept through dinner.
and then wrote my graduation speech during small group.
now I am going to bed.

First, though, I found this video slightly entertaining... until the end. That was a little disturbing. But you see it coming; you can stop it.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Recitatio :)

I got to go to the Recitatio at my school tonight... all the Grammar School kids BLEW ME AWAY, I am not even joking. They sang so well and recited what seemed like half the Bible... yeesh. Oh, and all fifty states, capitals, Latin mottos (then translated), and 3-7 trivia facts about each. I will never forget little Emma, "Georgia is the goober state!!"


oh, and I'm not getting pied until Friday. maybe. sigh. this thing has extended a full 2 weeks now.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

best weekend of my life, I'm pretty sure

...with the possible exception of Costume Swing/Barn Dance/PA Mime Performance of last October.

Christine came home.
I read a lot.
I did not do any homework.
I cleaned my room.
I went to an epic nonprom.
I did not fail completely at bowling... solid average of 7 pins/turn.
I woke up almost on time for church.
Christine was at church.
I again did no homework.
It's raining really hard.
I am really enjoying this senioritis thing.

...eeeexcept for the constant looming of final projects due in ten days which I really don't care to get started on but we have like nothing due all week so why should I do anything at all? I am not letting myself read any more Harry Potter books until I am finished with school. Or... OOH... until I get a job. Psh. That could take me like three months, and then I'll be in college and have no time anyway. Good one. We'll see. I am thinking about a lot, good and bad, and this weekend has been insane. Or has driven me insane. I am babbling like an idiot who knows she's babbling but doesn't really desire to stop because her fingers are moving at a solid fifty miles an hour and it would take more effort to stop them than to allow them to continue (HAHA! Inertia! that's some Physics law, right? ...I'm taking that class, I should know it. I'll bet you fifty cents it's Newton's somethingorother law, but beyond that I don't know. First, second, or third?). There is a lot to consider about my future... about my friends' futures... (not that either of the preceding are within my hands at all)... about my values and my principles... speaking of which, I need to learn something about Catholicism and football, both of which are contrary to my current system of belief, if I am actually going to Notre Dame next year... about next weekend... about next week... about why I am feeling the way I am feeling and how to make it stop... like that guy who rode a roller coaster for 24 hours straight then slept for six days. But that's an inverse. I am not supposed to work one day and rest the other six. Six days you labor and do all your work and the other one you rest. I just want to give my brain a sleeping pill for goodness sake. I am going to bed now, drugs or no drugs...


Friday, May 13, 2011

*slap self on back of hand*

I have been a bad, bad blogger.
That is, not posting for the simple reason that I didn't feel like it, which is kind of the point of this whole operation.

Regardless, smile-y things:

  • Waking up to find CHRISTINE across the room :)
  • Hanging out with CHRISTINE for a whole two hours!
  • Making a facebook fan page for the MRWP :)
  • Not getting pied... again... *
  • My math teacher asking me if it was okay if he skipped math class and I had study hall
  • Sitting on the swing in my happy-skirt-sub-two (which acts as a sail of sorts) and reading while the wind pushed me back and forth
  • Reading from the Katie-book :)
  • Hearing David's grad school plans...!!
  • Reading more... and not doing homework.
And tomorrow you ought not to expect to hear from me, again, because I will be out until the wee hours of the morning, doing about the only thing there is to do around here after midnight. ie Rock&Bowl. wheee :)
I promise I am still mostly an optimist, even if I have skipped a lot recently.


*It's actually kind of devious of the teachers... every day since last Thursday I have come to school thinking "this is the day I get Cool Whip in the face" and live in suspense until 6th period when I am informed we are postponing it to the next day. And the next day. And the next day. et cetera. If they do it one more time, I am personally going to THROW AWAY the stupid pies.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep! ! ! !

Kathryne and Christine here. Legitly.

Need I say more?


PS- full day at Hershey Park as well :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

no pies! ...yet.

Mrs. B was absent. This meant two good things about today.

1) Megan & Rachel & I got to lead Lit class discussion, and I got to ask about the ducks and the fish of Catcher in the Rye... and some of those sophomores never cease to amaze me! Like... everything I was thinking but better. I am growing to like that book, but Holden still frustrates me to no end.
2) They couldn't pie the seniors again. Too bad. They're going to do it tomorrow. Problem: I am meeting with the hiring manager at Staples directly after school. Looks like that will be a hat sort of day. Silver Lining: IF they choose to pie me. They made it only 3 seniors again, so there is hope!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Megan Elizabeth.

I slept in until 7:45. It was a beautiful thing.
(did I really just say that? "slept in until 7:45"?!)

After church Megan came over.
GAH. <3
And we did secretish things and talked about secretish things and texted secretish people (or my little sister, who was eavesdropping).
And, basically, it has been too long since we have hung out, and I could not be gladder that I gave up studying for AP Government to do that. I'll study tomorrow. :P
And then we made a CD (ish) to give to my mom for Mother's Day, and it made her cry. Mission accomplished.
And... well, it's all very secretive, but we had an awesome afternoon ;)


PS- for some reason, I have "Turkey in the Straw" stuck in my head. I don't think I've heard that song since elementary school music class. weird.

a beautiful thing

french braiding... set a record! braided and tucked eight girls, including Katie and Jessica.
mime-reading. awesome.
swing dancing on asphalt. new experience.
cleaning my room.
hearing something buzzing on my desk, and finding a (my) cell phone... thank you Grandma & Grandpa :)
swing dancing again. eep.
singing abbreviated hymns (for the sake of the inability to remember all the words) and praise & worship songs on the car ride home.
David's attempts to match pitch with me.
falling apart laughing.
I hope.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello to my dear blog-stalkers ;)

Today was pretty fantastic. Smile spots:

- Skipping school (would have only been 3 study periods anyway) and sleeping in
- CAR WASH!! was epic.
- Swinging on the swingset with my hair down and flopping in my face
- Bare feet, y'all :)
- Cheesecake Factory with my family and two friends for Kristen's birthday... Y.U.M.


PS- I'm watching you, blog stalkers! watching! (okay, just listening... can I help it if the walls in my house are thin?)
PPS- (4hours)(sun) - (any)(sunscreen) + aloe = much(OUCH!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bessstttttt :)

AP Lit test > AP Calc test
AP Lit essays > SAT essays
Elizabeth Barrett Browning > most anybody else*

After school was awesome as well. I did my government homework outside, while throwing a ball for Tag. Then I went to the backyard and alternately read my book while swinging, and chased Tag around the backyard-which-has-yet-to-be-mowed in my bare feet.


*thank you, AP Lit test, for exposing me to poetry! would have been nice to study it... sometime... besides that one month at the beginning of this year.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

don't feel like posting

AP Calc BC = epic fail.

Kristen's birthday present from un-secret admirer = AWWWW.

Leftover fried rice = yum.

Renewed passport with better photo = hallelujah.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I got a present for Kristen's birthday.

It was a *little bit* of a surprise.

Okay, so it might have been for my graduation, one month early, but... o.0

No, I'm not going to tell you what it is.


AP Calc test tomorrow! Ever since I found out I had to memorize any formulas... I mean any... that I was to use on the test, including the integration tables, I kind of gave up on the idea of getting a really good grade and getting 8 math credits for college. Because I literally got through about 3/4 of the stuff I was supposed to for AB/BC Calc... that means all of AB and half of BC. Never got to infinite series, Taylor/MacLaurin, etc. sigh :(
But releasing myself of that pressure/expectation has made my life much better. Yay!
And the weather was pretty today :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

GPAs and such

I got my cast off today!

And I turned in my Literature project!

And I was approached by exactly 4 people who had heard that I'd read the first two Harry Potter books, incredulous that I had liked them. Maddie practically had tears in her eyes. I thought it was great fun.

Doug practically ran into me, when this morning he shoved some Indiana Jones movie into my hands. Apparently I have officially stepped into pop culture. It's a fascinating place. The exchange went something like,
Katie: What?!
Dalvin: What was that?
Doug (to Dalvin): She's never seen them before!
Dalvin: Not any of them?!
Katie: Nope.
Doug (to Dalvin): See?! No wonder she's the way she is!


My grandparents are here. I was talking to my Nana about college, and she said,
"Two physical education classes?! There goes your grade point average!!"


I am in a good mood today.


Sunday, May 1, 2011


I woke up this morning and my hair looked better after sleeping on it than it did yesterday. That made me happy.

Then the Girls' Ensemble sang for the Lutheran church in which our school is housed. We sounded like 50x better than we did in practice, which is always good.
I haven't decided yet whether I like the liturgy. It definitely makes the sermon more formal, but that is so not what I am used to.

Then we went to lunch, which was lots of fun. Almost went to Qudoba until we found out Kirsten's family would be there... so we went to a local pizzeria and unexpectedly ran into Hannah's family. Really?! there are 6 of us, and lots of restaurants in the area. Kind of funny, actually.
Oh, and Megan? Your guilty face is really amusing. I'm still trying to decide if I should forgive you for that one comment... :P
Then we went outside and waited for people's parents. I, in my t-shirt and skirt, was apparently "shaking like mad" (direct quote... I didn't realize it myself, haha), so Doug lent me his coat. The sleeves came to approximately 2 inches past my fingertips, and the hem was well below my knees. I felt like a little girl playing dress up, but I was very warm, and it was apparently a "cute" (another direct quote, but I would imagine it just means "comical") sight.

Then I went home and studied for AP Calc to a mix tape by Sir Douglas himself. It was pretty epic, actually.

Then I got tired and decided to further immerse myself in popular culture, reading the second Harry Potter book at a solid 2.6 pages per minute. Not bad. It only took me 2.25 hours to finish. Those books have a lot of plot. All character development is derived from the plot. All meaning is derived from the plot. I would place Rowling opposite Victor Hugo for her writing style. Not better, but more suited to a short attention span. Along the food analogy, I would say these books are like slices of watermelon. Not unhealthy or bad tasting, but very quick and very light and with lots of sticky, sweet, watery juices.

Then I had dinner, talked with my parents about still needing to get a job for the summer, became momentarily distraught, distracted myself with more calculus, was summarily comforted, felt kind of sick about said comfort, was actually comforted by talking more with my parents, and here I am.