Monday, November 28, 2011

nap time

We had nap time... I mean, meditation time with the lights off and lying on the floor... in PE today. BEST GYM CLASS EVER.


Friday, November 25, 2011


It's after Thanksgiving. We ate lots of leftovers today that were better than what we actually ate yesterday.

I also got to see my roommate play volleyball, which was awesome, even though we lost :(


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have arrived!

I am going to sleep now.


Sunday, November 20, 2011


spoke to four lovely people on the phone today.

notably missing:

you guys need to reappear!


Friday, November 18, 2011

LotR Board Game!

We must destroy the ring of power.

If we fail, we fail together.

And if we sacrifice our life, it is so that the ringbearer might not be found by Sauron.

But then, maybe we all make it to Mordor unscathed, and things just start to go wrong and we die one by one anyway... sigh! Still fun :)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Messiah choruses = GORGEOUSNESS. Chorale practice is kind of... FUN... now.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

study breaks

After working allll day, several things made me smile:

-break to visit Meghan and discuss Madeline L'Engle and Tolkein.
-two lovely breaks to talk on the phone
-break to get raspberry hot chocolate and discuss the Russian/Polish/French languages and Christmas carols back to work...

SO CAN'T WAIT FOR BREAK. (but oh wait, I will have a project-worth-30%-of-my-Physics-grade to do then? wonderful...)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It is very windy today. My hair looks terrible but I had fun.


Friday, November 4, 2011


ISI retreat this weekend :) super exciting.

see y'all Sunday.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

still alive

I promise. Just reallyubersuper busy.

8:30-12:35 class.
12:35-1:10 lunch.
1:10-1:55 Russian homework.
1:55-2:45 Russian.
5:3-6:30 advisor meeting.
6:45-8:40 chorale.
8:40-9:05 dinner.
9:05-10:30 Bible study.
10:30-12:00 grocery shopping, friends, homework, class scheduling?


Monday, October 31, 2011


...very few people dressed up today. It was sad.

But I had a good day. Watched movies (read: took naps) in two of my classes, including golf. 'Twas a very Russian-filled day... lots of homework, plus Russian Club conversation tables, plus Russian lit discussions with Molly. We can't decide which Chekhov play to read over break.


Monday, October 24, 2011


103% on my Physics midterm. NO CURVE. joyjoyjoyjoy.

also, I thought I failed my Stats midterm, but it turns out that, thanks to THAT curve, a 55% is a C. Which is a pass. I got (slightly) better than a 55%, but still not high enough that I want to post it on the internet.

Aaaaaand, today was just happy. I did laundry and played Words With Friends (11 games as of this morning o.0) and felt overall very much like a college student.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

my phone

no longer works at all. it's very sad. I can't listen to voicemails or talk using the ear speaker. I have plugged/replugged in the headphones multiple times... powered off and on... reset... restored... I have to do laundry tomorrow! I don't have time to go to OIT!!!

oh well.

today was still good. I went to do some volunteer work at a place that serves breakfast to underprivileged/homeless people with Vienna and some Vision folks.

then I carved pumpkins.

now I am going to bed.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Overslept by like an hour, then spent 7.5 hours talking to Christine. I think that's a record.

And small group was kind of great as well.



3 hours of dancing... 2 hours driving through some pretty sketch parts of town... loving every minute.

I hardly stopped smiling tonight, basically.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011



Today was sunny.
About 65 degrees.
It made me happy.

Golf wasn't half bad.
We got out really early.
Learned to putt! (again)


Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's Haikutober
And you can expect to see
Lame ones for a while.

Because I will try
To keep this thing up, I guess
For the whole month long.

Written it is fun,
But spoken it's annoying,
As found at dinner.

However, I say
It makes very int'resting
Facebook comment threads.

And speaking of which,
Skype + Megan + Hannah
= mass explosions.



I think I got 3.5 hours of sleep last night?

I am very sleepy right now. But I had a good day, hanging out with ISI people and doing photo scavenger hunts and "watching the football game" and stuff like that.

I think I will go to bed now.


Friday, September 30, 2011

coming to terms

...with the fact that it might be okay to get a B+ every now and then *cringe*

ISI was awesome though, and I am really enjoying telling my Katie-got-run-over-by-a-bike story.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

run over

Yep. TODAY, I was run over by a bike.

It was probably the funniest thing that happened to me all day, aside from doing relatively okay on a midterm for which I had not exactly done much reading...

So I was power-walking to Chorale, because I was late. I caught up to one of the tenors on my way there, and we continued half-jogging together. As we neared the performing arts building (which is practically off-campus and a really annoying place to have practice), I hear someone approaching at a relatively fast speed (thought flash: bicycle?) yelling something I didn't understand (thought flash: is he saying "move"?). Instinctively, I move to the right side of the sidewalk where the other guy was also walking. Pass on the left, yes?

...uh, no. Turns out he WAS on a bicycle, he WAS going very fast, he WAS yelling the German word for "late," and he IS the secretary of Chorale (free excused absences? I think so...). And it's a really good thing I am a weather wimp and was wearing rain boots even though it was hardly drizzling. As it is, I just skinned my knee a little and think it's kind of hilarious DON'T FREAK OUT PLEASE MOM.

So after I had totally wiped out on the sidewalk he jumped off of his bike, tried to help me up and apologized about 50 jillion times. From the rest of Chorale's reaction I guess it's not every day the secretary runs over a freshman.

Also, I passed my swim test and now am stuck in... golf. Could my life get any funnier.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

cards and swing dancing

Today I am going to say that David made my life a happier thing. Because he sent me a really really incredibly o.0-inducing piece of artwork that was a birthday card. And also because, if not for him, I would probably know next to nothing about swing dancing, and I certainly would not have a swivel step worthy of compliment, and TONIGHTEEEEEP was really amazing at swing club.

So thank you, David :)


Monday, September 26, 2011


this week is going to be reallyreally crazy. It doesn't help much that I also have awesome things like "apply for scholarships!" and "find a ride home for fall break!" and "get a flu shot!" and "go grocery shopping... in the rain!" thrown on my to-do list.

REGARDLESS, I am not depressed at all. Today in swimming I learned that I could have/now can pass the test using sidestroke (which is really good, because I know it, it uses the least energy of all "front" strokes, AND I don't have to put my face in the water and risk losing my contacts/contracting an evil disease from the pinkeye infected goggles. I'm dead serious.)

I also had great luck in finding a good friend who happened to be sitting by himself at lunch at the same time I was about to resign myself to sitting by MYself.

I also am not despising this Philo paper. Who knew?


Sunday, September 25, 2011


I FIXED MY FINANCIAL RECORDS AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPYYYYYYYYY also I responded to like 5 emails that I received about 3 weeks ago and just never dealt with. Also talked to David, Grandma, and Dad on the phone.

Also, went on an apple spree at lunch. Apple cinnamon tea, apple juice, apple crepe, apple pancake, and bacon I pretended was also ...applewood?
And at dinner I realized just how many people I "know" and just how few people I KNOW. But "know" often leads to KNOW, no?


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cure for all ills

Epic Brownies.

Disney Movies.



Friday, September 23, 2011


I can hardly think of a better way to spend my 18th birthday than I did. Reading a book I wanted to read before/after the Philo exam, practicing for Iron Sharpens Iron praise team, eating food, fielding 101 Facebook notifications, eating more food... Yeah. Except maybe that I would have liked to talk to my family, but now that I actually have time I think they would be really mad if I called. Seeing as it is 1am.

I like the people I am meeting.

Oh, and I wore my favorite skirt today. The one I have had since I was 12, and wore in my senior pictures, and wear a lot. Then I spilled hot chocolate all over it BUT because of birthday magic and the properties inherent in a $10 skirt that lasts 5 years, it came out really really easily. Im getting good at hand washing clothes :P


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

two days

PERFECT WEATHER. 70 degrees, sunny, and the squirrels are in a very friendly mood.

also, the library is awesome.


Monday, September 19, 2011

field trip!

We had a Physics field trip to a nuclear research lab. Pretty much everything was labeled, "CAUTION, RADIOACTIVE." That was entertaining.

Also, swimming was less horrible today because we did elementary backstroke and I don't need to point my toes!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Church people.

I spent the whole day with a totally different group of people than normal. Namely, the people who go to the church I have been attending this past month. Mostly seniors... there is one junior, but the rest are seniors. So I went to church, then went to lunch, then went to study, then went to church picnic/fellowship dinner, then went to Sunday evening worship outside the chemistry building. That's a total of... 6.5 hours with them. It was pretty cool. I found someone else whose favorite book is Till We Have Faces :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom/Nana/Grandpa! :)

Today is my mom's birthday, and her mom's birthday, and her dad's birthday.

I was five days late.

...ever the family disappointment, right? :)

Today I woke up at 2:30 in the morning because the heater spazzed again. This was not a thing that made me smile.
About an hour and a half later I fell asleep again. This was not a thing that made me smile, although had I been conscious it would have been a possibility.
I actually got up around 8:30. I got ready for the day and started my Russian homework. These were not things that made me smile either.
Then I visited Grace, who lent me a ND hat for my concession stand time slot and also force-fed me Mucinex. This didn't really make me smile until about 2 hours later when I realized that it was maybe possibly actually working.
Then I actually had my concession stand slot, which was a lot of fun, and I met somebody who was a Philosophy-and-Literature minor. I thought that sounded really awesome. I think I might look into that. Plus they get a department-funded week-long study abroad trip to London, which sounds really REALLY awesome. That made me smile.
And then I caught up with some friends, and we watched the Glee Club sing, and then the marching band...! Very smile.
The football game came next, and it belies explanation, because I really don't usually get "into" sports at all, but there is something about losing two games in really miserable and humiliating ways, then beating a team everybody was so certain would kill you... and beating them badly. I think I smiled somewhere amongst the screaming.
Then we had dinner and just hung out, and now I am sitting in my dorm room with my Russian homework and listening to Christmas music. I kinda wish I were up for another three-hour game of Apples to Apples that is going on with my friends over in another dorm across campus, but you must keep in mind that I AM still sick, and I DO really want to be able to go to church tomorrow. So I will satisfy myself with sitting around here for now :)


Friday, September 16, 2011


I went to see The Tempest tonight, which was pretty great. And Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice is delicious.

AND I talked to Mom and Kristen and (sort of) Megan on the phone! a little, anyway.

I'm going to bed now.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Bad: I have not posted in like half a century.
Good: That's because I've been really busy.

I handwashed a sweater all by myself, successfully.
I've kept myself fed well-enough.
I have not died from swimming yet.

I am kind of sick now but it's okay. I just keep going :)

Today Philosophy and the lunch following made me smile. whee.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

random acts of kindness?

what made me smile today was this random guy I had never met before (and didn't even technically meet tonight) helping me with my tray when I was waiting in line for the cheese (ever since I started swim class I have been craving cheese... coincidence, Christine?) and then just saying, "have a good dinner!" and smiling. It was cool, because nobody talks to strangers in line. haha.

I also finally started responding to emails tonight. GO KATIE. even thought it has been a good week... sigh. I'm losing my touch.


Monday, September 5, 2011


I have had THE craziest weekend in a long time. I haven't even responded to emails since... like... Thursday, or something crazy like that.

Today I woke up and thought I needed to bring my sweaters out of storage, which is a crazy thought for Labor Day. But in the afternoon the weather was as perfect as I've ever felt weather, and I was happy.

Also, discussing literature makes me really, really happy.

And swim class wasn't terrible! I think I know a lot of people. It's strange. I never know a lot of people. Do I? Apparently I have the best "Well-back-home-I..." stories. But that is mostly due to my graduating class of five and the fact that I am close and intimate friends and/or family members with more than one legitimate mime.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Friday Night...

...I sat alone in my dorm for a very long time 8:30-11:30) before being kidnapped to go watch Super Mario and then some strange Lifetime show (11:30-1:30).

This Friday night, after a totally HOT and HUMID pep rally (which I ditched really early... about the same time the pom squad started dancing to "Friday" by Rebecca Black), I went to a neighbor dorm's "study lounge." We watched Jurassic Park (ewwww reptiles) and Dr. Who (ewwww reptilian space monsters). Then we played Apples to Apples for about 3 hours. It's the most "college" thing I've done so far... staying out until parietals and all. Oh, and eating a full pack of fruit snacks, which apparently contains 2.5 servings. That's about 32 grams of sugar. Now my hands are kinda shaky :P

Tomorrow I do another "college" thing... football! yikes! (watching, not playing... don't worry :P)


Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Found out my Philo friend is a football player. That may or may not sound like a big deal, but football is HUGE here on campus and I never even realized he was part of that. haha. :P

I had a great night as an ALTOOOO at choir. and then dinner afterwards... chicken gyro and spanikopita and spinach salad with feta and mandarin oranges. Did I ever mention I was on a small mediterranean kick? :P


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so. much.


overslept this morning, but it turned out okay.

In Philosophy we tackled the "Does God Exist" question. Or at least we pretended. My professor chose THE WORST arguments to consider for his existence (including the Ontological Argument... shoot me). Can't wait to see what he pulls out for the other side. But the thing with discussions like that is that they highlight the views of different people in the class. One kid and I had a good discussion after class... he apparently wants to go into ministry after graduating. It was kind of obvious, in a really great way.

Then I did a bunch of stuff like go to the library, commit dining hall treachery & outright disloyalty, go to a planetarium show, and then commit dining hall treachery for the second time in one day. That's bad.

Tonight was Activities Night. There were 250+ tables set up with different clubs and such. It would be SO EASY to overcommit. And as much as it hurts, I am giving up the women's a cappella group, the student newspaper, and all other number of fabulous things so as to be able to to student ministry, swing club, and Russian Choir. And chorale, but I get a credit for that. :)

And now I have like 5 hours of homework (exaggeration! don't worry Mom!) to cram in before I go to bed.


Monday, August 29, 2011

One Night with the Sopranos

Had my first chorale practice today.
What. an. experience. SO CRAZY AMAZING. The other people there know what they are doing, and half of them have perfect pitch. Not I, said the Kat(ie). It's really an incredible thing to lend your very small voice to something so big and perfect.

That said, my voice is too small for the soprano section. High Gs are a regular occurrence for them, and a stretch for my vocal chords. So I transfered. The alto section is little(r than soprano) anyway. I think I will fit in there.

Also, as of now, I know of 3 other Katies on my floor. I have met 4 OTHER Katies in my classes/meetings etc, and this is not counting Katherines or Kathleens or Kaitlyns. There are way too many Katies. Sometimes I am afraid I will lose myself in the mix of them all...

Kathryne (to you!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Church and stuff

I think I must have found the only church in the midwest that plays Sovereign Grace Music. WHOOO! :D

The group that went over to church was cool. As was the "awkward freshman circle" at the Chorale picnic. First practice tomorrow! I am so excited!! :)

Today I got my introvert time. It was lovely. The fingertips of my left hand continue to be in pain. But according to T (worship leader at ISI-- campus ministry thing), playing the ukulele makes one popular. haha.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Vienna plays about as much guitar as I do ukulele. So today we had an epic fail jam session. And I begun to develop some (really, really painful!) calluses on the fingers of (yes, Mom) my left hand. (because I always hold my ukulele the correct way.)

Tonight we are going to play trivia. It begins at midnight. I think I need to take a nap first.


EDIT: We did not go to play trivia. Instead we went to somebody's room and ate goldfish and played Super Mario. We are college students. HOORAH!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

there's a party...

...outside my dorm. it is really loud. I don't like that kind of music. but I am pretty sure that the 2,000-3,000 people milling around on the quad DO.

Today was chill. Only one class. Got to go to the library-- LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. and walk around campus with Vienna, and get lost and be incapable of using the maps we both have and so resort to the compass on my phone. a smartphone is worth it for that ;)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

crazy Wednesday

I have lots of classes on Wednesdays.
I think they will become my insane days...
8:30-9:20 International Relations
9:35-10:25 Physics (in Art & Archaeology)
10:40-11:30 Swimming (yeah, I know)
11:45-12:35 Statistics
1:55-2:45 Russian
6:45-8:30 Chorale
8-11 Swing (okay, so I'll miss some of it... priorities, right? like a class with credit?)

It looks less crazy then it feels, I guess. But today I had to get books from the bookstore (semi-off-campus) AND wait for my football tickets (FOR.EV.ER.)
I also am bemoaning my lack of practical footwear. My flats give me blisters on the backs of my heels and my right pinky toe. It even tears off band-aids. My flip-flops give me blisters on the inside of my big toe. My ugly heavy duty flip flops give me blisters on top outside of my feet. Walking barefoot on 95-degree concrete and asphalt gives me blisters on the soles of my feet. It's really lose-lose-lose-lose. And I tried everything so I do have blisters everywhere. haha.
This campus is bigger than it seems, and I have to walk all over it on Mondays and Wednesdays (especially Wednesdays).

Today I had a total I <3 COLLEGE moment when, after waiting for football tickets, a group of girls from my dorm went to dinner and spent an hour discussing the difference between Theology and Philosophy, presuppositions, and poetry. It was so beautiful.

Also, I discovered that my English-major/swing buddy also shares my taste in music (go Spektrites!), books (Madeleine L'Engle and C.S. Lewis, anyone?), and sunsets. :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day of classes

Free bagels this morning! Who doesn't LOVE free food? (if you answer "me" to that question, you are not and never have been in college.)

then I had Philosophy.
My teacher has requested us to call him either "Josh" or "Mr. T." (does this give you a mental picture of this class?)
He adresses us in our class emails as "Hobbits." (picture getting clearer?)
He wore a wrinkly untucked button-down, jeans, and sneakers with hot pink laces to class today. (If you can't see it by now... that's sad.)
He said that next week we will discuss the existence of God.
I think I may not be on his happy list, if he has such a thing.

then there was lunch. not free. :(
I am not a vegetarian, but I have been eating like one. it's rabbit food, all day long. none of the meat looks appetizing, so I eat spinach salads with loads of sunflower seeds and raisins. usually accompanied by apples with peanut butter and pita bread with hummus. yay protein!!

Russian was great.
my professor taught the first twenty minutes IN Russian. I didn't understand much. we watched Russian Sesame Street :)

then we had Opening Mass. it was cool. but there were soooooo many people (the whole school + faculty + staff)

now I have my first night of homework! yay!


first day of classes

Free bagels this morning! Who doesn't LOVE free food? (if you answer "me" to that question, you are not and never have been in college.)

then I had Philosophy.
My teacher has requested us to call him either "Josh" or "Mr. T." (does this give you a mental picture of this class?)
He adresses us in our class emails as "Hobbits." (picture getting clearer?)
He wore a wrinkly untucked button-down, jeans, and sneakers with hot pink laces to class today. (If you can't see it by now... that's sad.)
He said that next week we will discuss the existence of God.
I think I may not be on his happy list, if he has such a thing.

then there was lunch. not free. :(
I am not a vegetarian, but I have been eating like one. it's rabbit food, all day long. none of the meat looks appetizing, so I eat spinach salads with loads of sunflower seeds and raisins. usually accompanied by apples with peanut butter and pita bread with hummus. yay protein!!

Russian was great.
my professor taught the first twenty minutes IN Russian. I didn't understand much. we watched Russian Sesame Street :)

then we had Opening Mass. it was cool. but there were soooooo many people (the whole school + faculty + staff)

now I have my first night of homework! yay!


Monday, August 22, 2011

the calm before the storm...

(I hope not)

Today I went to a bunch of mandatory seminar things about how not to get your identity stolen or be a victim of assault. I also ordered textbooks, and was almost-late for no less than THREE different events! Three! that's terrible! but I was rather wrapped up in my occupation of the moment (respectively: looking for textbooks, looking for cheap textbooks, and trying to find my way around campus) each time.

I did go to see As You Like It on "God Quad" with Elliot. That was cool. Then we talked about the wonder that is Hamlet and the horror that is anything by Catullus (Latin nerds unite!)


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frosh-O part 3

We attacked Fisher with water balloons. It was quite nice. And serves them right, yelling in my window at 2am!

and a lot of other stuff happened, including a game of Ultimate Frisbee which was very fail on my part, but one of the other girls on my team and I were talking and I discovered we have similar amounts of athletic aptitude (that is to say, none at all when it comes to objects hurtling at one's head through the air, but we both like to swing dance!)
and I had Chorale auditions. I was classified as a soprano, which was surprising... I am a solid mezzo. G-G, two octaves... could go either way, but I suppose they like my head voice? sight reading didn't really happen though. I'll find out on Tuesday.
and we played three-legged capture the flag with Siegfried Hall. that was interesting. running around for 30+ minutes with my ankle tied to a guy's and hanging onto his waist for dear life is not always my first idea of fun. but I met a cool kid named Pat, and we talked about a lot of stuff. eventually the topic turned to religion and philosophy... he is a skeptic. the statements he made sounded like they came right out of my Apologetics textbook, but of course I couldn't remember any of the "correct" responses. so we just talked. it's kind of neat to be able to discuss these things on an intellectual, logical basis while still taking the role of faith into account in that logic.

also, heard from a few people back home.


PS- I am intentionally omitting references to my family leaving. still unsure about my feelings there.

Frosh-O part 2


Domerfest is like the NCCS Winter Formal, but with 25 times the number of people in about 5 times the amount of space. And probably like 50 times the noise, but that's beside the point. But don't worry, we got to wear shorts and t-shirts.

Yesterday I was feeling slightly depressed, like, where are all the people to be my friendsssssss... :(... but today I am slowly starting to remember names and figure out who people are and what they are like. Today I met a girl named Charlene who is also non-denominational Protestant and into personality profiling.
Also, I think I asked for a guy's number tonight without realizing what implications that seems to have in this SUPERINTENSELYCHARGEDGENDERRELATIONS campus. Oops. :P

Also, right now I have an entire guys' dorm chanting outside my window "Fisher loves Lyons!" ...with a trumpet accompaniment. It is almost 2am.

This is Frosh-O. :)


PS- also found a good use for those random glow sticks with no connector pieces! (that was done without looking, btw. I feel pretty proud of myself :) )

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Frosh-O part 1

Freshman Orientation.

My bubble is officially being popped in a slow, torturous, agonizing process of public self-humiliation by mediocrity. hah.

But I am moved in and organized and oh-my-goodness-this-is-my-home-now. Color me weirded out.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

sleep and skype

today was pretty cool. Finished Till We Have Faces, and am now looking up essays on it and cros-referencing it with poetry by Oscar Wilde... life is good :)

I got up early this morning and hung out with Megan and Faith. We left my grandparents' house around noon, for a really crazy car ride. Kristen takes caffeine intravenously, I am pretty sure. The same craziness came out on Skype tonight... oy. :P

ANDANDAND I have a rough draft of one of the songs for the CD finished! yay! and it's one of my favorites :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My entire life is right now in the car in the driveway of my grandparents' house :)

Today has been pretty good. Driving most of the day... time for a two-hour nap, texting/emailing some good friends, and re-reading Till We Have Faces...! :D yeah. And neighbor-Megan and her sister Faith (who is also on her way to her first year of college) met up with us at my grandparents' house. It's been fun.

But as of now I am officially a college student no longer living with her parents (8 months out of the year), which is rather scary and rather exciting. Also, 600th post!


Last day.

Tomorrow I am officially no longer living in Maryland. Tomorrow will also be my 600th post. apropos, no? :)

Today I had some of the most bittersweet goodbyes, with some of my very closest friends. But they all without fail managed to make me smile regardless.
And Megan gave me my graduation present, and I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down a little... I would tell you what it is, but I think Rachel still reads my blog (do you?) ;)


Sunday, August 14, 2011

still bad at watching movies. and goodbyes.

Last Sunday School with my daddy teaching... really, really perfect send-off. And then church. And then family pow-wow about the next two days. And then watching The Return of the King. And then some swing dancing in tight quarters.

I really love my friends.


PS- no, I did NOT cry at the giant spider... it was the elephants. I swear.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

thrift therapy much better than retail therapy, and it is alliterative!

I failed my drivers test again (booo... forgot turn signals and looking over my shoulder for traffic and yada yada on the lot test, and the points added up... although I did a pretty fabulous parallel parking job if I do say so myself), but then I went shopping with Kristina. That was great.

And I bought myself a pair of totally impractical but very fun and cheap shoes. yay!

...and I got Skype. if you care, email me and I will send you my username.

[intentionally refrains from discussing one of the worst goodbye-nights ever. church tomorrow is going to be icky. LotR afterwards promises to be ickier for that same reason.]


firsts and lasts and way too manys

-Making "Japanese woodblock prints" out of meat trays.
-Leaving Dan's party with Megan, without asking my parents. Or going directly where we told everybody else we were going (small detour).
-Dancing blues... like the legit kind, not just east coast with a little smaller bubble.

-Swing dance :(
-Seeing about 15-20 different people :/

Way Too Many Times Already:
-Sleeping through my alarm.
-Getting to work late.
-Texting at work when I am not supposed to have a phone on.
-Awkward sip. :)
-Giving details of my life and/or schedule to those who could hardly be pressed to care less.
-Forgetting to dance while my feet are moving... good grief...
[ETA: staying up too late on the computer while forgetting that I have to take a driving test in the morning.]


Thursday, August 11, 2011


so pretty today.

and my second-to last day.


also, did not fail parallel parking today, and got to watch the most gorgeous sunset I've seen in MD for a while now while in the process of not-failing.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

just best friends, is all

work = not worth mentioning.

after work = LOVE. Got to see Megan, Rachel, Marina, Lisa (aka Mrs B) for coffee and college discussion. I swear Marina and Lisa are/ought to be professional counselors or something. Then Marina and Megan and I wandered Barnes & Noble, drooled over all of the lovely planners and notebooks (I do NOT need more notebooks, I do NOT need more notebooks... but, man, I want more notebooks!), found some presents for people who apparently or not needed presents... it was a good evening.

(also, I bought myself Till We Have Faces. finally. I <3 that book, so much.)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Lame = spending two hours parallel parking* and failing while one of your good friends is having his 18th birthday party.
Amazing = a dad who will put HIS plans on hold to spend those two hours with you, including acting as a human traffic cone. In the rain.


*or at least trying really hard

Monday, August 8, 2011


they spontaneously switched me to the Pre-K class this afternoon. And then they switched me back. I was sad. (that they switched me back)

And I had a recording session with other-school-Megan, which was amazing, and AAAHHHH, and gorgeous sounds coming from there, and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. And then we had a future-choir-leadership meeting at Panera, which I was actually prepared for, and we finished early, and then we just hung out, and I love these people so much <3

Best moment of the evening:
Aaron crashes all our plans. Surprise. haha. On the way from NCPC to Panera, Aaron is driving in his family's minivan in front of Megan's car (holding herself, me, other-Megan, and Doug). It would appear from his driving that he is slightly intoxicated, or else a little more than slightly. We think he is doing it on purpose. When we get to the stopsign leading off of the church road, Megan sticks her head out of the window and yells,
At this point the little old lady in rubber gloves picking up trash on the side of the road looks at Megan, stricken. Her face contorted just a little bit. As the rest of the car sits in stunned silence, Megan practically collapses.
"NO, no, not you!!"
Immediately accompanied by a cheesy grin and thumbs-up.
The lady does not appear comforted at all.
At the thumbs up, the shock wears off of the rest of us and we just lose it. Doug is laughing so hard he's sweating (and his eye is twitching). Other-Megan is pretty much shrieking. I am laughing so hard I can't breathe with anything other than belabored gasps about once every 20 seconds.
I have never seen anyone turn out of a quiet church road onto a main-er road with a blind spot caused by the mass of trees obstructing the line of vision as eagerly as Megan, tonight. Just saying.


PS hand-carved mahogany peanut butter dispensers :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

ND Send-off!

Today I attended the ND Club of Maryland Send-Off Picnic. For such an official-sounding name, it was a rather small event.

As I ought to have guessed, most people there were rather preppy, into football, and Catholic. But I wore my happy hippie skirt (one of several! :D), and I was okay with that. I met some cool people, including a guy who wants to study English. His name is Eliot. I think. He is not on Facebook under that name, so we will see. But we raved a little about Hamlet and agreed to find each other at the Shakespeare festival the first week of school. I also met my dorm "big sister" Megan. I know too many cool people named Megan.

I'm definitely getting excited.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

nothing at all :)

Today I had no schedule except to get a trim on my hair. It was pretty great :)

I also finished leveling the vocals on the first song for the CD. yay!


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Overslept 80 minutes. There goes any hope of

  • doing devotions
  • washing my hair
  • eating breakfast not-in-a-moving-vehicle
  • looking human
Of course, one of the kids today (Ethan, age 6) informed me that I look very much human... at least, I look like a boy today. Thanks Ethan. Please don't ever call me "Daddy" again.

Then I got to see my Megan (which always makes me smile). And then I did recording with Page. After Megan left, we had a text conversation which looked like:
K: After spending like 40 minutes on Amazing Grace, we are onto BtL and all is well. You left your tumbler here, bt.
M: Okay so I left my cup at NCPC so if you see it, you can just leave it. My dad is going over there tomorrow and he will get it :) thanks
M: Oh my gosh I swear I didn't see your message when I sent that. Our telepathy is kicking back in :P
K: lol
M: Ok that was just creepy on so many levels...
K: I am literally giggling, and that is bad because Page is recording a serious song.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


got to wear my preschooler bow, which made me happy, although my mom and Kristen both disapproved.

and got to see Christine, which made me happy.

and we ate caramel macchiato ice cream, which definitely made me happy.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

getting stuff done

Finished "Adam" (Ted Dekker)

Also recorded all of Kevin & Hannah's stuff!


Monday, August 1, 2011


I forgot one of the biggest little things that made me smile yesterday:
I am washing my hands in the bathroom at church, and two little girls come in with their mom to use the bathroom. As she tries to herd them into stalls before the service starts, they insist on staring at me. I love the kids at church, and thinking they are Bible Force-ers, I smile and wave at them in the mirror. The mom says to them, "Okay girls, you have to go potty now. You can stare at the pretty singing lady later." And I say, "Oh, are they in Bible Force? I've been in there for three years now, but I don't recognize them."She replies, "No, they are almost old enough for that. They just know you from adult church. You are like a rockstar, and they like your hair."
The girl still staring immediately turns bright red and slams the stall door.
:P In such times I do like kids. haha.

As for today... I get to turn off the computer, read a book, and go to bed early. How awesome.


Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am bad at watching movies, but that is what I did for a total of about 7.5 hours today.

And I enjoyed myself.

See, when I watch a movie I get very easily sucked into the emotions of the characters, especially if they are portrayed well. For that reason, I have very high sensitivity to/low tolerance for intensity of any kind (especially violence). I'm not very experienced in these matters, you know.

And still, now 50 minutes after the last one ended, I can't quite detach myself from the experience of the movie in order to properly analyze it. Which makes me mad, because I analyze EVERYTHING, while it is still happening.

Sigh. Movies >.<

I might have more intelligent things to say about the first two extended edition Lord of the Rings movies tomorrow.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


I love spending 20 hours straight with Megan and Rachel. Talking about stuff you can't talk about with anybody else, because they would think you are absolutely out of your mind... teenage-girl-squealing about significantly un-teenage-girly things... shopping for 6 hours and not abhorring each other's company by the end of the day...

I smiled a lot today. First smile of the day has to be awarded to SPAZ DOG at Megan's house-sitting job.

And may I take this opportunity to mention how WEIRD it is to sleep in a house with no adults in it... to get yourself up in the morning, get yourself out the door, and get yourself to a meeting 40 minutes away almost-on-time... to be responsible for yourself. But it almost felt okay :)

Bonus smile: grateful to not be involved in high school drama. Dear me.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

getting stuff done

was in the 2s today... whole new world. While they require more constant attention, that attention is more along the lines of sheer willpower (can I out-stubborn a 2-year old? you'd better believe it) and less along the lines of cleverness and convincingness and ironing out drama in a way that makes everybody a winner. Also, they watch a Veggie Tales every day AND take a 2-hour nap! During that nap I read the last half of The Hobbit (which I had not read since 6th grade and found a rather nice break), researched my dorm and its orientation activities, ate half a bar of chocolate, checked my email, and began to decipher the cryptic graduation card from David/the rest of his family.

Feeling very accomplished but really wiped, when I finally got home from picking Kristen & Katie up and getting dinner (pizza) at 7, I uploaded and captioned my Russia pictures on Facebook and went through the suggested "bring this to college" list with my mom to see what I have/don't have. Now we are going to look through my wardrobe to see what goes to college and what goes in the trash. Judging by the fact that I have 3 pairs of (thrift store/handmedown) jeans, one pair of school khakis with holes in them, and practically no casual winter wardrobe... this could be fun? But it is something that has needed to happen for a loooong time and it will be good to get it out of the way.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The sun'll come out, tomorrow...

(and as long as it's a good 10 degrees cooler than it was today, that might be a good thing. But I don't think that's going to happen.)

Actually, this morning was wonderful. I love Water Day at daycare... lock all the kids in a big fenced-in area while you control lawn sprinklers by remote and let them run wild? yes please.

Also, I ate a plum today, and it was one of the juciest things I have ever had and SOSOSOSOOOGOOD!!!! ...yeah. I do like plums.

Tomorrow I get to be in with the 2s instead of school age, and I'm almost looking forward to it.
Also, tomorrow is a very special day for the QSG...


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

friends, old and new...

Story time first.
At daycare today, one of the little girls was crying because she missed her mommy. As I was trying to comfort her, Jacob, a 6 year old boy, came up to me.
Jacob: Do you want to play Spinny Uno with me, Miss Katie?
Me: Not right now Jacob, just a minute.
Jacob: DAMN! I'm going to break my arm off! Damn! Damn!!!!
Me: ...?!?!?! JACOB! We do not use those words here!
Jacob: DAMN.
(needless to say, he got an epic time-out.)

After work I went to Marina's, and she and Rachel and Megan and I hung out. That was fun. I painted my nails two different kinds of blue. My mom thinks it's terrible but I kind of like it.

Then I came home to find my class schedule for the first semester. Then I began to discuss it with a girl I found on Facebook, named Ashley. We have Elements of Stats together... and she likes the same books I do, which basically means we are going to be BFFs, right? :P But all in all I believe this is going to be a good semester, despite all of the math and physics and PE.


Monday, July 25, 2011

endless day

so apparently I am supposed to work 8-5 this week...?

after work (terrible today) rushed home and ate a fabulous and fast dinner to then rush over to NCPC for more recording.

It was a lot of fun.
We got almost nothing done.
But it was... entertaining. (thank you Aaron and Doug)

But hey, good excuse to get together with Megan again soon :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

too much

gahhh I am tired.

but the sunrise this morning was awesome.
as was sunday school... I forgot how great it was to actually get to hear the whole lesson! and how wonderful my daddy is!

and spending 4 hours today in various places without air conditioning made me incredibly grateful for the 20 hours I DID have it. God is good, I think, is the moral of the story. Is the moral of most stories.

I had a good day today.
Almost too much good.
But there were those four hours to balance everything else out ;)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

artsy things

I love modeling dough.
This is Ambiguous Animal. He is not sure if he is a cat or a dog, but he is pretty cute either way, no?

Then Rachel and Megan came over, and we caught up, and ate my mom's amazing food-which-I-have-missed-dearly. And it was total bliss.

Then there was swing, which was also not half bad. Although I think I sweat for the first time in what must be a month. Not sure if that was because I am an un-fit person dancing Charleston for an hour (EEEEP) or because it got to be over 100 degrees today. ew.

Oh yeah, and seeing Christine. no big deal.


Thursday, July 21, 2011


work was blah, blah, blah (not really, it was eventful, I just don't want to talk about it and you don't want to hear about it.)

What made me smile today was the progress I am making setting up for this CD! It is happening, really happening! I have another piano recording session and vocal recording session scheduled for Monday, and possibly another vocals session next Friday!

Also, I set up/updated my Google Calendar, all in shades of purple, and it is lovely. Lovely and full. I am really signing my life away. It's not healthy, I should at least keep Sundays to myself, but I want to watch the Lord of the Rings too. ARGH.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

relief & refocus

today was a happyish sort of day. it wasn't that great but my attitude was better :P

starting up Mr. C's birthday present made me smile. It's one of those fun secretish things that I enjoy so much. I should find more friends with birthdays. (JUST KIDDING THERE ARE ENOUGH OF YOU ALREADY* AND I AM RUNNING OUT OF CREATIVE AND SECRETISH IDEAS!!!)


PS- 575 posts!! :D that is a lot of smiles.

*Just this summer, the birthdays, in order...
Mr. C
(and those are just the ones with parties and/or presents!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I want to hide in a hole and never come out. Today was good.

It was fun recording piano with Doug & Megan, and getting to hear Doug's "Fugue in Gm." I also ate sushi for the first time and didn't die, although now my hair smells like fish.

and it rained. the rain is lovely.

I miss my life. I am rather very blessed when I think about it.


Teach us to place our happiness in Thee, the blessed God,
     never seeking life among the dead things of earth,
     or asking for that which satisfies the deluded;
But may we prize the light of Thy smile,
     implore the joy of Thy salvation,
     find our Heaven in Thee.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

CYMA Sunday

I do love CYMA Sunday. It was hard not to be IN it, but I'm okay.

And when I heard the kids were doing creative storytelling in replacement of the sermon, I was like, oh no, this ought to be a waste of a Sunday (just kidding, but only a little). However, to my great deligt, it actually was sort of a challenge to me. They presented the five senses as a kind of representation of gifts operator within the body of Christ. And the. We were to think, which am I? And certain statements in most of them, particularly the pieces on sight and smell, resonated with me. Things I can do, and might be even supposed to do, if you will, as according to what God has given me, are not always the things I DO. the things I practice and work in. Because in reality, yes, one or two gifts may be stronger in a person... Passion for the Word, compassion for others, serving, encouraging, discernment (I am getting these things all out of order and confused)... But if one person within the body of Christ were to focus oneself on a particular strength to the exclusion of all others, that person would be most likely misguided and impaired in the gift she does have. And identifying a few of the "senses" I do not often exercise makes me consider a more concerted effort thereto.

I'm tired and probably babbling.

Da svidania.


Saturday, July 16, 2011


...and happy.

...but tired.

I could use some coffee, or sleep.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Praise team. and RUSSIA.

this morning I was on Team for the Big People Church. aka Not Bible Force.

Daddy and I went out to breakfast. That was great.

And singing was pretty good too. I had fun. 10:30 service was sheer awesome.


I AM GOING TO RUSSIA. Like, tomorrow. I'm psyched.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Photoshoot at the stone wall today. yay!

And I discovered some really awesome filters I have on my phone to make the pictures even cooler...


Friday, July 1, 2011


I think there was something that made me smile at work today, but when I step out of those doors I think I forget about everything that actually happened.

also, yay for clearing up drama. wheee!


PS- and yay for paychecks in the triple digits! :P I kinda forgot about that part of this whole mess. It feels too much like school, and I don't get paid to go to school. But then again, the money is not the reason I am sticking around here. My memory is coming back to me... it is SO beyond heartbreaking to have child after child break down in tears after misbehaving so badly you are about to snap... because the school sends them home if they are bad enough. And daycare is no place for a 6-year-old, 9 hours a day, every day of the week. :/

Thursday, June 30, 2011

a choice

I had many opportunities today to use my mommy's parenting techniques. I think they might take practice.

Also, one of the little girls... Gabrielle... I took her to the bathroom and stood outside (she was afraid the lights would switch off while she was in there), and what do you know but 20 seconds later the amazing acoustics of that room begin to deliver to the whole hallway a ...ah... very interesting rendition of Jingle Bells, shortly followed by the Prince of Egypt version of When You Believe. :P


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I totally wowed the kids with my awesome and incredible talents (i.e. I made a paper airplane that flies straight), and now they respect and love me.*


*In my happy place, aka Katie's Alternate Universe, aka I WISH SO BAD

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011


Couldn't begin to talk about today.

Work was horrendous... worst day yet... but work is over at 5 and I needn't dwell on it for 15.5 hours out of the day. Which is pretty nice.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


today was interesting.

last Bible Force.

saw Christine. <3

David & Megan & Emily over at varying times.

VBS praise team + me at the Sunday evening service.

Random Facebook conversations with strange people. heh.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I did fail my driving test for real this time. I panicked and didn't parallel park close enough to the curb :(

However, Caleb's party tonight was epic. Lightning bugs, glow sticks, hula hoops, binder clips, clover crowns, spinning games, fireworks... and people I love dearly.

I think I am more predisposed to enjoy people's company than I might admit.


Friday, June 24, 2011


6:45 wash hair, get ready.
8:15 work on costume.
8:40 leave for work.
2:15 almost cried at work. try to get kids to listen up. they tickle me instead.
2:40 perfect demonstration of grace. Italian foodfest. (yum much?)
5:20 home from work.
5:25 try to finish costume.
6:13 I am now Elizabeth Bennet. with curlier hair.
8:30 walking around the second-most beautiful woods in the area. mmm.
8:35 clover crown complete. ALLITERATION. <3. and I feel like a wood-nymph.
9:40 swing. swing. swing.
10:00 three songs of charleston variations. took me longer than it should >.< ... but fun regardless :)
11:00 home. finally. bed.

tomorrow I ACTUALLY take my driving test, hopefully pass. I leave the house in 8.75 hours. wheee.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Got some essential elements in the mail today... got out the wood varnish... am almost-happy with my craftsmanship on this dress... I am feeling very content.

However, my one small discontent is that I am starting to miss people-of-the-female-persuasion-who-are-also-my-age-ish. (cough-Megan-Rachel-Christine-cough!!!) Or, actually, anyone I can have a conversation with... about the sorts of things I want to talk about, who is not my mother... am I just getting greedy now? :P


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

not going to be a woodworker when I grow up

but otherwise, today was pretty good.

every cloud has a silver lining, to use a terrible cliche... even bureaucratic inefficiency. (read: couldn't take my test because the system that was supposed to say I took two weeks of torture... I mean, driver's ed... failed. YIPEE.)

So instead I got the day off, was able to begin a book I got for graduation, ate more chicken salad and pasta salad and The Amazing Salad, and worked on the 50 jillion birthday presents to give in the next month.

...actually, only five. Doug, Caleb-1, Caleb-2, David, Kirsten. Oh, and Dan's graduation present, that's important too. And Rachel's graduation present, but I already have that.

Blood, sweat, and tears, that is all I am going to say. But it's fun. and now I am hungry, and tonight looks like a project-oriented all-nighter.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Good day.

My LIT training is becoming invaluable to me at work.

It only took three minutes for me to rant my way out of the day's ARRGGGHHH moments.

And the Solstice party was great.

Deep fried oreos = WIN.

Also, beginning to find washing dishes peculiarly therapeutic. Especially after cookingish (read: trying and failing), scrubbing things with soap is something I can do.

I realized today how much I like to multitask, even if it is doing one thing while talking to somebody while thinking about something else. I dunno why. But I realize that I CAN'T do that at a daycare center, and I CAN do it while washing dishes. hmmm...


Monday, June 20, 2011


SO EXCITED about a BAJILLION things.

Today at work I was falling asleep on my feet, literally, and it is a good thing there were only 28 kids and there was some structured activity, like an hour-long "science" assembly. Otherwise it could have been bad. I mean, I did spend a good 30 minutes in the nurse's office with a girl who had the worst nosebleed I've ever seen in my life, which was probably the time hardest to stay awake.

And I am making serious progress on my costume for Friday... :)
AND I located a wood-burning tool... and not one, but two! and possibly three! OH the CHOICES!
ANDANDAND I got *a few* Barnes & Noble gift cards for graduation, which means I can finally buy my very-own copy of Till We Have Faces, which I am just dying to read again.
Aaaaaannnddd I take my driving test on Wednesday.
ANNNDDD I have a new layout! It makes me happy.
And we have SO MUCH party food leftovers... I had pasta salad, The Awesome Salad, chicken salad, and fruit salad tonight. and a peach. yum.

I am just overall happy.
And I have like 5 new devotional books, including Streams in the Desert, and I want to just do them ALL at once! I think I need to start waking up earlier.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspiration and Debit Cards

I finally figured out birthday presents for three different people who have birthdays in the coming month... one left.

And I discovered the magic that is not-having-to-borrow-my-dad's-credit-card-and-pay-him-back-cash-even-if-that-means-spoiling-his-Father's-Day-present-because-I-have-my-own-debit-card!



Saturday, June 18, 2011



Also, swing dance.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

daycare centers

...are the place to go if you are looking for:

  1. Sparkly and/or light-up tennis shoes
  2. Injuries
  3. Faked injuries
  4. Middle school girl drama
  5. Legos

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

better than yesterday.

today's smile--

Jacob (6 years old): Miss Katie, my nose is bleeding!
Me: Why is that?
Jacob: It just happened. It's because it is very warm and I am hot-blooded.
Me (amused): And who told you that?
Jacob (picture of seriousness): My mom.


(seriously, though, I have seen more injuries and.or "boo-boos" in the past two days than I EVER want to see.)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


8 hours.
35 children.
45 minutes of structured activity.
7 hours 15 minutes of free play.

2 adults.
1 college student.
1 me.

1 crazy, crazy day down.
32 to go.

small group was good.
and I'm reading a neat biography of C. S. Lewis, since the library does not carry anything actually written by him that I haven't read.


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Mime in Reading, PA today.

Happiest moment: getting every single mime-box into the four suitcases. Whoever did it before, with shirts in the boxes, is now my hero.

The ride home was also great. River roads may not be fun to drive, but they are fun to ride.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

I like lists.

1) I woke up this morning to find half my comforter on the floor and my sheets completely pulled out of their (very secure) tucking-under-the-end-of-my-mattress. Weird...

2) Texting is weird. And leads to very laughable conversations.

3) Nathan's grad party! I love my family. I love that I can disagree with Nathan about anything... and we mostly do, especially literature... and we can talk about it rationally and without worrying about hurting anybody's feelings for not having the same favorite book :P (Crime & Punishment, by the way, is very good. Regardless of the fact you think it is 3x as long as it needs to be... any repetition of thoughts/actions is integral to building the psyche of Raskolnikov. If it were short he would be a different person.)


5) The Neon Dance was fun. I've never crashed a party before. But I apologized profusely to the people in charge. It was only the last hour of a 4-hour event... I would have paid the $3.75 if I had change!

There were more things that made me smile, but I promised to only make lists of factors of 50 or 3, and I don't feel like going all the way to ten. I have to get to bed!


Friday, June 10, 2011


I turned in all the paperwork for my job today. Fingerprints, background check, etc.

I also had my pre-college physical. Including Hepatitis A shot. funstuff.

And it was my last day doing school stuff. We sang. It was really great. I mean that in the humblest way possible, of course.
(EDIT: one of the songs was. The other was ... meh. iffy.)

I also finished Oscar-the-stuffed-replica today! I did not realize until after he was finished that his ears are too long and make him look more like a cow than a hamster :(

And this is my 550th post. But never fear! While the rest of my comments about today refer to finishing something, this does not. Unless you are talking about finishing the 550th post... in that case, yes. But I'm not done with the Optimism Initiative. :)

This has nothing to do with completing anything, but Megan's grad party was tonight. That was nothing short of epic. And I got to make clover crowns!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

shower of blessing

Today I got news from the National Merit whatsit... I got a scholarship I totally did not remember applying for, way back in 2009! :)

Also, I got a full-time job! WHEEE!! had to get fingerprinted and everything, and the guy at the station was totally nice.

And I ate Graeter's ice cream and Christine's cappuccino flats.

And I talked to my mom for like 2 hours.



Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Girls' Ensemble = highlight of day.
We had pizza and cherry Pepsi (not as good as Coke, but whatever).
Then we made beautiful music and skipped in circles and laid on the floor and laughed like maniacs. I did have my jungle-woman hair on today.

It was my last time in that building, ever. I began my school career there, in preschool, at the program run by the church, and then 11 years later came back when my new school began to rent out space... and remained there until I finished grade school in the selfsame building.

I parallel parked for the first time between two forreal cars today. And I didn't die. I was like 18 inches from the curb, but it's alright.
Then my dad insisted on acting as a traffic cone when we practiced again. Seriously? That is kind of evil, but kind of genius.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I think I have titled several blog posts that exact thing.

today that comes from staring at a computer screen for five hours trying to make the mime DVD come out right in places where the camera glitched, and get the volume stabilized across the whole thing (it may or may not have worked).
and then from sewing my finger to a blanket, but that need not be discussed :P

also today, I chose my classes for the fall semester! how exciting!

and failed a leeetle bit less at parallel parking.


Monday, June 6, 2011

poetry and prose

Choir practice! yay! it went really fabulously and we ended about an hour early. I will give you a sneak peak of this Friday's masterpiece-in-progress... shh! don't tell!
I also did not die from riding my bike there and back. almost, but not quite. It is a superbly bad idea to ride your bike 2.5 miles on very hilly terrain directly before singing. Takes all capacity for breath control down like 37%.

Then, after practicing parallel parking (GRRRR) and yelling at my computer for freezing up at the mime DVD (doubleGRRRRR!!!) and trying to read outside but being eaten alive by mosquitos (must I go there?), I decided to vent my frustration by writing a Veloquence post about grammar. Specifically, the evils of contractions.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barn Dance :)

After spending the morning at church and the afternoon with my grandparents, I got to go to (dun-duh-duh-DAAH!) Barn Dance. the second. At least, the second-for-Katie.

I had a grand time dancing. I especially enjoyed the Spanish Waltz and, yes, the polka. Even though I collapsed at the end of it.

Isn't it funny, by the way, how acting in sole interest of maintaining one's dignity results in about a 240% increase in the chance that one will lose said dignity in a way approximately 173% more humiliating than before?

Also, I have a stomachache that is probably resulting from fatigue and ...yeah, being tired.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

coconut cream pie

is surprisingly good, all elements (cough-coconut-cough) considered.

also, my job interview went surprisingly well, all things (cough-only8weeksavailable-cough) considered.

BUT!!OH!OH!HEY! genuine happy moment--
just located the Notre Dame First Year of Studies summer reading list...
for fun.
because it was only 25 cents at the library.

bed now.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"I'm so confuuused!"

Don't tell my mom, but scrubbing tile grout and washing the dishes and rearranging my bookshelf could be slightly refreshing brainless activity after school lets out.

Of course, that mindset has not completely left... my current pet-project is researching Howard Kelly, one of the best scientists and doctors of the late 19th century/early 20th century, and a strong, Bible-believing Christian. His biography is fascinating. He lived in my county for a while... built the Liriodendron Mansion (which is gorgeous) for his wife, the daughter of a Prussian colleague. This is after, of course, he started as one of the four founding members of Johns Hopkins, and lived as a cowboy, and all :)
And then my grandparents came, and we were talking, and all of a sudden it gets quiet and my dad goes, "Are you graduating from high school or seminary?" And Kristen says, "huh?! What?! I'm so confuuuused!" ...and then we all start laughing.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I overslept a full 63 minutes (my alarm has a "convenient" 9-minute snooze feature).
Then I worked on choir stuff.
Then I went to Panera and talked with Megan and Rachel.
Then we braved the newly-reconstructed ShopRite.
Then we went to the library*!
Then we went to Rita's. YUM.
Then choir practice was epic.
Then Megan started humming songs from My Fair Lady.
Then I worked on stuff, which wasn't as fun, but still good.
Then I talked on Facebook with Hannah and Caleb and Kirsten, at various times.
Then I chatted with David and Doug and Rachel for a while.**

My life is so perfect.
I am going to miss everybody so much.


*Yes, on our first day off of school, we spent 3 hours at the library. it was magical.
** In some cases, "chatted with" means "went on an 'anti-river road rant' at"

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Had dinner and a mini-hike with my dad to a neat overlook semi-near us... it was great. Just beautiful. The bugs would not have been my first choice of companions, but I guess that is what you get for summer!

Speaking of summer... OHMY. Sleepover last night with Megan and Kirsten and Hannah. 'Twas pretty great. I love those girls! (Hi! if you read this!)
Of course, I fell asleep before much of the insanity, but it is okay. I was still awake for star-tipping, and eating more sugar than in the past 2 weeks combined, and torturing poor little toads by throwing them into the wading pool and making them slide down the slide, and watching movies that I am sure are far too scary for me, and talking and making way too much noise, and doing other stuff that probably was a result of the sugar I mentioned earlier.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


last night was so awesome.
the mimes are fantastic.
I also found the opportunity to use the word "fantastic" as per its "archaic/poetic" definition.
and then I went to Christine's.
need I say any more?

...except that, oh yeah, I am FINISHED with high school... forever. woah.
and I do like the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, but the casting in the new one is better on almost all accounts.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Not really. But pretty great nonetheless.

In homeroom it was my turn... that is, for the past few months every so often we have chosen one of the girls to "bless" during homeroom. We talk about what we appreciate about her, and memories we have, and then we pray for her. This week is the senior girls' turn... and today it was mine. I LOVE THOSE GIRLS so much. Not just because they say nice things to me... they just have such great hearts, and every homeroom they genuinely look to bless whoever it is. When Megan started talking I about cried.
Study period instead of Math and Physics. Used it to prepare for LE EPIC choir pieces... the last ones I will ever arrange/organize here at NCCS! :/
And then in Apologetics/Latin I got to see what all that hype called "Harry Potter" was about. The first movie... it was pretty good. Except that Dan kept yelling every time Dumbledore came onscreen, "He's GAY!!!" and everybody else is just, "shut up, Dan."
Kristen's graduation was also tonight. She won THE Christian Character Award, and the guy presenting it said a lot of great things about her that described her personally and PERFECTLY. It was one of two awards given the whole night, total. I'm bragging now, and I don't care :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

j'adore my school

Today I had my last chapel at New Covenant. :'(

But really, I can be thankful I have had such an amazing school that I WOULD be... WILL be sad to leave it.
NCCS has been 100% of my intellectual life... a good 67% of my social life... and probably hovering somewhere around 55% of my spiritual life. For the past seven years. Which is really all of my life that I want to remember at all, and even some of that is debatable.

We had senior chapel today. Mrs. B let me, Megan, and Kevin lead singing... so, I guess it was "senior chapel + Doug." Everything is "+ Doug." Girls' Ensemble... + Doug. Senior chapel... + Doug. It's kind of entertaining, really.

Then in Latin, Mr. C handed out copies of the Harry Potter books and we researched the linguistic roots of many of the major names, spells, etc from them.

Then I FINISHED MY SENIOR THESIS for realz this time, guys! Mrs. B took us all to Starbucks and Barnes & Noble in celebration. I love being able to fit the whole senior class into the backseats of a minivan.

At lunch we had a supersecretsociety meeting, which is really just a bunch of us who are going to make a documentary film this sumer, which has potential to be pretty epic. And I almost sat on a wasp, because it was the only bench left because all the guys were being wimps about a silly little bug. :P

After school I hung out, read, talked to my mom, researched stuff for supersecretsociety, ate the equivalent of half a cantaloupe, did minimal homework, prepared some girls' ensemble stuff, talked to Megan for about an hour and a half, and now I am going to bed.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Tuesday!

wow. wow. wow.
life is simultaneously slowing down and speeding up.
I am simultaneously distraught and giddy.
my thesis is simultaneously bad and neglected. (:P)
but the mime dress rehearsal was tonight, and I only goofed once or twice (I am running sound).


Monday, May 23, 2011


I have had the biggest moodswingy day EVER.

Fortunately, while that involves some very low lows (rrrggghhh = high school drama* + thesis), it also means I am very easily amused/pleased.
As always, that is much thanks to Megan/Christine.
I love talking to those girls.
I am also a big fan of straightening out my insecurities. yay for clarity! yay for good solid friendships that last through drama, regardless!


*Only four days thereof left! ...bittersweet.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I wore my favorite paisley sundress today. That made me happy.

I wrote another Veloquence post today and talked with Rachel about it. That made me happy as well.

I walked to the stone wall today. That also made me happy.

I sat at the stone wall listening to Jeff & Mychael Danna while reading Cymbeline, a random* Shakespeare I picked up for 25 cents. That made me extra-happy.

I talked to Christine. That made me extra-super happy :)


*And decidedly racy... ouch.

week 3

late Saturday night out doing funnish things with friends...

wow, tonight was interesting.

but I have to say, the best part of today was Megan coming over and making Abby & Josh's presents.
and Aaron's mortal fear of the glitter we glued all over the outside of their cards. and other glitter in random places, like Kirsten's awesome mask from Pier 1.

but there is something small and achey about the whole thing...
I'm old.
and I have 4 days of classes left.
of high school.


Friday, May 20, 2011

*heart* (the actual thing is HTML-unkosher)

Too many things went right today to list them all.

Namely, it was the drama class' method acting day. Jen acted me. She got the eating-in-most-classes part right.

And swing.

And CHRISTINE ( <3 ) came.

And I don't need to wear a corset to the Barn Dance!

And ohhh my, the humidity. It was so hot. I blacked out twice throughout the evening. But my hair is nice and voluminous? :P


Thursday, May 19, 2011


From Apologetics... wrap your mind around this:
The presupposition of the Trinity is the possibility of any meaningful predication.
Basically, no question raised in attack on the Christian faith can have any meaning without the presupposition of a God in the first place.

and I started a sewing project with the scraps from the mime rainbow. It is epic. And some pretty intense fabric conservation... when you get a 210" x 6" piece of fabric, there is not a whole lot you can do with it.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


got to play Scrabble in Latin, and drink tea, and I got my Q on a triple letter space.
then came home and talked to Christine.
and then talked to Megan.
and then started to feel sick and slept through dinner.
and then wrote my graduation speech during small group.
now I am going to bed.

First, though, I found this video slightly entertaining... until the end. That was a little disturbing. But you see it coming; you can stop it.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Recitatio :)

I got to go to the Recitatio at my school tonight... all the Grammar School kids BLEW ME AWAY, I am not even joking. They sang so well and recited what seemed like half the Bible... yeesh. Oh, and all fifty states, capitals, Latin mottos (then translated), and 3-7 trivia facts about each. I will never forget little Emma, "Georgia is the goober state!!"


oh, and I'm not getting pied until Friday. maybe. sigh. this thing has extended a full 2 weeks now.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

best weekend of my life, I'm pretty sure

...with the possible exception of Costume Swing/Barn Dance/PA Mime Performance of last October.

Christine came home.
I read a lot.
I did not do any homework.
I cleaned my room.
I went to an epic nonprom.
I did not fail completely at bowling... solid average of 7 pins/turn.
I woke up almost on time for church.
Christine was at church.
I again did no homework.
It's raining really hard.
I am really enjoying this senioritis thing.

...eeeexcept for the constant looming of final projects due in ten days which I really don't care to get started on but we have like nothing due all week so why should I do anything at all? I am not letting myself read any more Harry Potter books until I am finished with school. Or... OOH... until I get a job. Psh. That could take me like three months, and then I'll be in college and have no time anyway. Good one. We'll see. I am thinking about a lot, good and bad, and this weekend has been insane. Or has driven me insane. I am babbling like an idiot who knows she's babbling but doesn't really desire to stop because her fingers are moving at a solid fifty miles an hour and it would take more effort to stop them than to allow them to continue (HAHA! Inertia! that's some Physics law, right? ...I'm taking that class, I should know it. I'll bet you fifty cents it's Newton's somethingorother law, but beyond that I don't know. First, second, or third?). There is a lot to consider about my future... about my friends' futures... (not that either of the preceding are within my hands at all)... about my values and my principles... speaking of which, I need to learn something about Catholicism and football, both of which are contrary to my current system of belief, if I am actually going to Notre Dame next year... about next weekend... about next week... about why I am feeling the way I am feeling and how to make it stop... like that guy who rode a roller coaster for 24 hours straight then slept for six days. But that's an inverse. I am not supposed to work one day and rest the other six. Six days you labor and do all your work and the other one you rest. I just want to give my brain a sleeping pill for goodness sake. I am going to bed now, drugs or no drugs...


Friday, May 13, 2011

*slap self on back of hand*

I have been a bad, bad blogger.
That is, not posting for the simple reason that I didn't feel like it, which is kind of the point of this whole operation.

Regardless, smile-y things:

  • Waking up to find CHRISTINE across the room :)
  • Hanging out with CHRISTINE for a whole two hours!
  • Making a facebook fan page for the MRWP :)
  • Not getting pied... again... *
  • My math teacher asking me if it was okay if he skipped math class and I had study hall
  • Sitting on the swing in my happy-skirt-sub-two (which acts as a sail of sorts) and reading while the wind pushed me back and forth
  • Reading from the Katie-book :)
  • Hearing David's grad school plans...!!
  • Reading more... and not doing homework.
And tomorrow you ought not to expect to hear from me, again, because I will be out until the wee hours of the morning, doing about the only thing there is to do around here after midnight. ie Rock&Bowl. wheee :)
I promise I am still mostly an optimist, even if I have skipped a lot recently.


*It's actually kind of devious of the teachers... every day since last Thursday I have come to school thinking "this is the day I get Cool Whip in the face" and live in suspense until 6th period when I am informed we are postponing it to the next day. And the next day. And the next day. et cetera. If they do it one more time, I am personally going to THROW AWAY the stupid pies.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep! ! ! !

Kathryne and Christine here. Legitly.

Need I say more?


PS- full day at Hershey Park as well :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

no pies! ...yet.

Mrs. B was absent. This meant two good things about today.

1) Megan & Rachel & I got to lead Lit class discussion, and I got to ask about the ducks and the fish of Catcher in the Rye... and some of those sophomores never cease to amaze me! Like... everything I was thinking but better. I am growing to like that book, but Holden still frustrates me to no end.
2) They couldn't pie the seniors again. Too bad. They're going to do it tomorrow. Problem: I am meeting with the hiring manager at Staples directly after school. Looks like that will be a hat sort of day. Silver Lining: IF they choose to pie me. They made it only 3 seniors again, so there is hope!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Megan Elizabeth.

I slept in until 7:45. It was a beautiful thing.
(did I really just say that? "slept in until 7:45"?!)

After church Megan came over.
GAH. <3
And we did secretish things and talked about secretish things and texted secretish people (or my little sister, who was eavesdropping).
And, basically, it has been too long since we have hung out, and I could not be gladder that I gave up studying for AP Government to do that. I'll study tomorrow. :P
And then we made a CD (ish) to give to my mom for Mother's Day, and it made her cry. Mission accomplished.
And... well, it's all very secretive, but we had an awesome afternoon ;)


PS- for some reason, I have "Turkey in the Straw" stuck in my head. I don't think I've heard that song since elementary school music class. weird.

a beautiful thing

french braiding... set a record! braided and tucked eight girls, including Katie and Jessica.
mime-reading. awesome.
swing dancing on asphalt. new experience.
cleaning my room.
hearing something buzzing on my desk, and finding a (my) cell phone... thank you Grandma & Grandpa :)
swing dancing again. eep.
singing abbreviated hymns (for the sake of the inability to remember all the words) and praise & worship songs on the car ride home.
David's attempts to match pitch with me.
falling apart laughing.
I hope.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello to my dear blog-stalkers ;)

Today was pretty fantastic. Smile spots:

- Skipping school (would have only been 3 study periods anyway) and sleeping in
- CAR WASH!! was epic.
- Swinging on the swingset with my hair down and flopping in my face
- Bare feet, y'all :)
- Cheesecake Factory with my family and two friends for Kristen's birthday... Y.U.M.


PS- I'm watching you, blog stalkers! watching! (okay, just listening... can I help it if the walls in my house are thin?)
PPS- (4hours)(sun) - (any)(sunscreen) + aloe = much(OUCH!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bessstttttt :)

AP Lit test > AP Calc test
AP Lit essays > SAT essays
Elizabeth Barrett Browning > most anybody else*

After school was awesome as well. I did my government homework outside, while throwing a ball for Tag. Then I went to the backyard and alternately read my book while swinging, and chased Tag around the backyard-which-has-yet-to-be-mowed in my bare feet.


*thank you, AP Lit test, for exposing me to poetry! would have been nice to study it... sometime... besides that one month at the beginning of this year.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

don't feel like posting

AP Calc BC = epic fail.

Kristen's birthday present from un-secret admirer = AWWWW.

Leftover fried rice = yum.

Renewed passport with better photo = hallelujah.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I got a present for Kristen's birthday.

It was a *little bit* of a surprise.

Okay, so it might have been for my graduation, one month early, but... o.0

No, I'm not going to tell you what it is.


AP Calc test tomorrow! Ever since I found out I had to memorize any formulas... I mean any... that I was to use on the test, including the integration tables, I kind of gave up on the idea of getting a really good grade and getting 8 math credits for college. Because I literally got through about 3/4 of the stuff I was supposed to for AB/BC Calc... that means all of AB and half of BC. Never got to infinite series, Taylor/MacLaurin, etc. sigh :(
But releasing myself of that pressure/expectation has made my life much better. Yay!
And the weather was pretty today :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

GPAs and such

I got my cast off today!

And I turned in my Literature project!

And I was approached by exactly 4 people who had heard that I'd read the first two Harry Potter books, incredulous that I had liked them. Maddie practically had tears in her eyes. I thought it was great fun.

Doug practically ran into me, when this morning he shoved some Indiana Jones movie into my hands. Apparently I have officially stepped into pop culture. It's a fascinating place. The exchange went something like,
Katie: What?!
Dalvin: What was that?
Doug (to Dalvin): She's never seen them before!
Dalvin: Not any of them?!
Katie: Nope.
Doug (to Dalvin): See?! No wonder she's the way she is!


My grandparents are here. I was talking to my Nana about college, and she said,
"Two physical education classes?! There goes your grade point average!!"


I am in a good mood today.


Sunday, May 1, 2011


I woke up this morning and my hair looked better after sleeping on it than it did yesterday. That made me happy.

Then the Girls' Ensemble sang for the Lutheran church in which our school is housed. We sounded like 50x better than we did in practice, which is always good.
I haven't decided yet whether I like the liturgy. It definitely makes the sermon more formal, but that is so not what I am used to.

Then we went to lunch, which was lots of fun. Almost went to Qudoba until we found out Kirsten's family would be there... so we went to a local pizzeria and unexpectedly ran into Hannah's family. Really?! there are 6 of us, and lots of restaurants in the area. Kind of funny, actually.
Oh, and Megan? Your guilty face is really amusing. I'm still trying to decide if I should forgive you for that one comment... :P
Then we went outside and waited for people's parents. I, in my t-shirt and skirt, was apparently "shaking like mad" (direct quote... I didn't realize it myself, haha), so Doug lent me his coat. The sleeves came to approximately 2 inches past my fingertips, and the hem was well below my knees. I felt like a little girl playing dress up, but I was very warm, and it was apparently a "cute" (another direct quote, but I would imagine it just means "comical") sight.

Then I went home and studied for AP Calc to a mix tape by Sir Douglas himself. It was pretty epic, actually.

Then I got tired and decided to further immerse myself in popular culture, reading the second Harry Potter book at a solid 2.6 pages per minute. Not bad. It only took me 2.25 hours to finish. Those books have a lot of plot. All character development is derived from the plot. All meaning is derived from the plot. I would place Rowling opposite Victor Hugo for her writing style. Not better, but more suited to a short attention span. Along the food analogy, I would say these books are like slices of watermelon. Not unhealthy or bad tasting, but very quick and very light and with lots of sticky, sweet, watery juices.

Then I had dinner, talked with my parents about still needing to get a job for the summer, became momentarily distraught, distracted myself with more calculus, was summarily comforted, felt kind of sick about said comfort, was actually comforted by talking more with my parents, and here I am.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

guess whooooo?!

I talked to Christine today :D

and worked on my Literature project. all. day. long.
will do Government later and Math tomorrow.

Oh, and ShopRite has absolutely killed any claim it had to efficiency and accessibility and niceness. SIGH.


Friday, April 29, 2011


Today after school I came home and took a large step into popular culture-- after much persuasion by trusted friends and fellow bibliophiles, I read the first Harry Potter book. It was actually pretty good. As I was telling Caleb earlier, I don't suppose anyone's diet ought to consist solely of steak and potatoes and broccoli. Sometimes a slice of watermelon or a Rita's ice is in order. This was accomplished quite handily.
Bonus: read it while listening to the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. EPIC.
So that was good and worth 3 hours of my Friday afternoon. I felt rested.

Then I had the stupid idea to watch a movie with my mom. And not just any movie, but a movie that would make my heart rate go up and my hands sweat more than they ought-- that is, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I guess you could chalk said symptoms up to the Mountain Dew I was drinking (caffeine and I don't get along well), but I think it's not improbable that they were because that is simultaneously one of the best and worst movies I have ever seen.
And yes, I did cry. a little.
And yes, I did wimp out and turn off the movie before the end and look up the plot summary on Wikipedia.
I am not that brave.
I am also feeling most definitely less-relaxed than after my first media experience this afternoon.
But I think it's supposed to do that.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wouldn't it be loverly...

There is a Stephanie in my kitchen quoting My Fair Lady back and forth with my dad.

Day has been made.

Oh, and

Kevin: She stole my pillow and took a bite out of it!
Kevin: ...No, wait, actually that was me.


PS- also, I have the absolute best parents in the whole wide history of the world. end of story.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

C. S. Lewis

I really love him. Mere Christianity and The Great Divorce are just amazing.

I may or may not be posting the next few days. My teachers are being fair, but there are too many of them being fair at the same time. :P
(this is a fancy way of saying: I need to step up my game, and I need to study for a math test for the first time in my LIFE ... ... ... okay, second.)

Also, the choir from England was phenomenal. It was *lots of fun* getting up with Girls' Ensemble for an impromptu performance after that sort of musicianship, in front of said musicians.  GAH. (no, it actually kind of was, because we didn't totally fail, for having 5 minutes to prep)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

butterfly bites

today was lovely, I am sure.

as far as things happening it was not too awesome (Girls' Ensemble issues, mainly, not to mention I have THE most RIDICULOUS looking cast on my left hand), but I have been happy all the same. I don't understand why, exactly, but I am not going to be too picky.

the evening was nice. I laid out on my stomach on a blanket on the grass under our tree and did History/Math homework. the cat slept on my back for a while. and then there was small group, which does make me smile.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

day off, yay :)

spent far too much time on Facebook/blogs "catching up" on the past 47 days... rendering said 47 days pretty much useless.

that said...

Things I Learned From Lent 2011

  1. I don't need Facebook in order to breathe
  2. I don't need Facebook in order to maintain a social life
  3. I miss reading people's blogs more than their social networking pages
  4. There are many ways to waste time that do not involve recreational internet
  5. ...and I will do my best to find each and every one of them, because I am a lazy girl who does not want to do work
  6. My bedroom is very messy
  7. I don't have as much self-control as I thought I did
  8. Prayer journals are the way to go!
  9. I like early mornings for getting homework done
  10. I still don't like TV
...and as for the thing I learned today? Facebook is detrimental to getting things done, especially on a day the whole school has off and proceeds to spend commenting on/liking all of the pictures you posted from your trip to Europe, so when you sign off for 5 minutes and get back on you have 21 notifications, all from the same person. True story.
Thus, I have decided to make tomorrow a Special Circumstances Facebook Free Tuesday. Let's see how long that lasts.

Smile: I have my frizz-halo back! :D


Sunday, April 24, 2011


  1. Back from Europe
  2. Back on the internet
  3. Seriously jet-lagged
  4. Sudden distaste for American-Italian food
  5. Officially attending University of Notre Dame next year
  6. Sprained and/or fractured my wrist* when I skipped the 8:30 service this morning to eat and go hiking... karma.
  7. Otherwise, really enjoyed the 6:30 sunrise (c.f. #3) and 10:30 regular Easter services
  9. Is it not frustrating yet wonderful when someone much cleverer than you articulates an idea you already had but in a more beautiful way? (see: C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, "Time and Beyond Time")
  10. Must have lists of 10. So here are some pictures. (click to see larger)


*It was actually really funny. I was doing just fine... in my ankle-length skirt and flats, along nice little ledges of mud approximately the width of my foot... until we got to a wide flat easy part. I stepped over a log, onto some leaves, and fell completely flat on my side/face/leg in less than a second. I'm pretty sure it was the least graceful thing I could have done, and, to top it off, afterwards one wrist bone was (is) pointed about 15 degrees from where it ought to be. As I said... KARMA.