Monday, February 28, 2011

mathy stuff

Using geometry (and dare I say it trig and calc) today...

it made me so happy to see Princess' proving trig identities homework today!
As you will see on my Facebook "interests" section*...
And speaking of interests, I made a petticoat for the first time today. Arc length ftw. It's very poofy.
[Sidenote: should anyone be interested in learning patience, one should take up sewing. For serious.]

I am such a nerd it is not even funny. But I think it is anyway, because my sense of humor is dead like that :)


* most of these speak for themselves: you should know, however, that I do not claim to PLAY piano or pennywhistle with any kind of efficiency... I just like them.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sock Hops and Scrabble

spent the afternoon with such awesome people as Rachel and David and my mommy :)
Sock Hop planning is going marvelously. YOU HAD BETTER COME IF YOU ARE READING THIS kaythanks.

tonight I am making the skirt of my Sock Hop dress (I just wrote Sock Hippo. I think I'm losing my mind. then again, if I lost my mind I wouldn't be able to think anything... clearly, I have some sort of acute disorder...)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

some pictures that make me smile from today


Kristen made fancy dinner :)

After over an hour at Joanne's, found a fabric I liked enough... :P (the dime is to show proportion on the dots.) This will be a Sock Hop dress, hopefully...!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Wacky Tacky Day... :)

Why yes, that dress IS an INSTA-WIN. And I had more 90s hairbows you can't see in the picture. Also, my hair had deflated at that point in the day... yeah.
Megan succeeded at Wacky Tacky. Rachel still looks cute... SIGH! :P

As far as swing goes... well, let's just say that I think I need to practice my swivel step. a lot. :P It is not my favorite, but I ought to be able to pull it off instead of just standing there in awkward confusion.
Seeing Sandy made me smile.
Doug, you would be proud of me... I (sort of) danced in my mittens! Do you respect me now?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

just good.

I normally dislike Thursdays a lot, but today was good.

They are now dubbed, THESIS THURSDAYs.  pretty awesome, huh? yeah.

I did not have to take the Physics retest today.
I also got things accomplished as far as thesis goes. research AND writing. chyeah.
And I talked with... um... people. (cough. Christine. cough.)
And Mrs. B played a really awesome song in homeroom. LISTEN TO IT.
AND I think Caleb is my new BFF.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I tried to keep it secret before I could tell everybody at school at once, but Megan already found out, sooo...

I got in to UMBC!

but you knew that.

But they offered me a full ride!

And I did not know that, and I am like... o.0

In-state school never looked so tempting. Ever. I'd still rather not go there, but it's hard not to really really really seriously think about it.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Talked to Christine on video chat.

Made my week.
My month.
My 2011.

Also, was very productive today and wrote 3 essays and began my senior thesis!


Monday, February 21, 2011

highlights + world domination

Highlights of my day:

  • Not finding even a decent pair of tennis shoes and sweatshirt for Sports Day (school spirit week), and so deciding to be ironic and wear my Bookworm shirt and a skirt and heels.
  • Watching Caleb slide his lunchbox across the table over near to me so that we can sit together and discuss our plans for world domination. Our triumvirate will consist of him (executive brute force), Megan (diabolical and charismatic genius), and me (contingency-planning and law-constructing).
  • Mrs. B looking me in the eye as she returns my Glass Menagerie vs Hamlet essay and saying, "This is the best essay I have ever received from a student." VICTORY.
  • Daddy's flight to China has been POSTPONED because of snow!! So he will be here for small group, which is awesome.
And for now, I am achey and have chills, so I think I will not try to write my History/Literature/Thesis essays due this week and instead do Math homework (which does not require coherent sentences anyway)... and then go to bed.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

no place like home.


And it is so much better than anywhere else!


Yes, and happy halfway-day to YOU <3

I finally got to shift it :D I am so happy!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


trip is pretty much over. just have to drive from OH to MD tomorrow. pretty tired, but glad to rest.




PS- Fazoli's... Italian fast food restaurant chain. Wish we had one in Maryland.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tidbits from Indiana

Drove around town for an hour today to find the hotel. yayy.

Talked with a lot of very cool people at Notre Dame.

Only in my family would going out to eat in a fancy restaurant include three-dimensional coordinate systems drawn in ultra-fine point blue pen and block lettering on the tablecloth and over the styrofoam boxes of leftovers.

Just got in from the campus ministry thing I visited. Yes it is 1 o'clock in the morning. Yes I have been up since 7:30. Yes my eyes do really hurt from wearing contacts that long. But it was worth it.

Questionable is whether it was worth soaking completely through the only pair of walking shoes I brought. turns out they had about 3 feet of snow until... well... yesterday, and now it is more like 3 feet of water creating a continual river down all of the sidewalks.

Overall fabulous time.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Road Trip

Drove another hour. Successfully completed a U turn on the highway... UNDER DIRECTION OF THE GPS AND MY FATHER THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Good day. The water here in the midwest is magic, I am convinced... very good hair day :P

Road Trip

Couldn't post last night... mostly because by the time I got here (grandparent's house in OH), it was technically morning. yeah.

I greatly enjoyed my 7-hour car trip with my dad. Only with him can I talk about life in terms of Calculus :P

And I drove the stretch of 70 from Hagerstown to Breezewood. It was so quiet... there were literally 10 minutes when I was the only car in sight. Rearview mirrors pitch black. No cars visible ahead. It was crazy. But Dad didn't let me drive the PA Turnpike... and I am pretty glad about that :P

Then we listened to a couple of sermons-on-tape and I fell asleep. What a heathen I must be. Or just sleepy. haha.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Christine,

Life in Bel Air this year has been horrible.
I might even go so far as to say, it's deplorable.
Every time I want so bad to see you
I must slap my own hand and say, "Stop! I will beat you!"
"If you do not stop this abominable wish
To see someone so far away as Africa... ish...
You will be miserable, take it from me
I've been there, you know, the depths I have seen--
The depths of the pit of Hell and despair."
(Okay, this drama thing is going nowhere)
But alas, through all of my self-reprobation,
I miss you; my heart is one huge conflagration.
It's burning and aching... oh, no, here we go...
Melodrama went out three decades ago.
Regardless, my dear, Christine, my friend,
I miss you a lot. So this poem I send.
My yearning for you is true ever-present;
Without you, it's quite hard to be effervescent.
So come back at your earliest convenience
For I miss you with all of my love and allegiance.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

great day.

Bible Force.
Driving around Baltimore.
Concert at the Meyerhoff...!
Gorgeous sunset.


Oh, and nobigdealbut...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

looking forward and looking back

I finished my math homework. SUCCESS! (not really. I finally surrendered on #43 after the THIRD ATTEMPT. yes, I did it three times from scratch and got a seriously messed up answer every time. stupid fractional exponents.)

I also worked on product descriptions.

and I found out that SARA GROVES is going to be in concert TOMORROW MORNING for FREE but then I can't go because I have Bible Force and church :(

but super excited to go to another concert at the Meyerhoff tomorrow :) it ought to be fun. I think I will wear my sparkly tights.

my parents and I also looked through some of my baby pictures to see what I should send in for my senior page in the yearbook...

I love this one :)
Dad's caption: "I know 260 words!"
Katie's thoughts: Um, I think that was the last time I touched a ball... that one does not go yearbook. 
Dad's caption: "I know 34,000 words! and fingerpaint!"

Dad's caption: "I know 80,000 words! and I will go to Kindergarten and teach all of my peers!"
Katie's thoughts: This is the last picture I have of me before my awkward stage. AKA ages 6-13. That's a problem.
"YARRRRRRR. I can fit a spoon in my mouth. sort of."


Friday, February 11, 2011


Today I bought my 25th article of purple clothing.
Not including footwear, headwear, or outerwear, of course :P

It was also the last day of the first full week of school we've had since Christmas break. Stupid snow.


PS- during my Physics test, my teacher put this on the board. awesome. You really have to click on it and see it full-sized. I didn't have my camera today, so he took this picture with his phone and you have to squint a little to read it.

dy2 = you have this memorized
dx2 = you have this memorized as well
deltat = sqrt [if you have dy2 memorized you can extrapolate this]

And then the semi-partial & extraneous word bank... note the Greek.

I love him.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

450th post :D

Glad y'all have stuck around through the mundanities of my life.

Things that made me smile (in no particular order; not even chronological):

  • Completing THE MAZE.
  • Not-failing Government test.
  • Not-failing Latin test.
  • Belgian chocolate.
  • Thinking of Europe.
  • Girl-talking at lunch (hey, we confirmed the problem but never came up with a solution).
  • Flyer-making for School Spirit Week.

"I never made $12 babysitting..."
"Katie, this is a different CENTURY."


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I won! I like winning sometimes.

Also, music practice with Megan and Page and Doug... and sitting in the parking lot with Megan and Doug trying desperately to jumpstart Megan's car... good times.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


7:15am- asleep. energy down. cannot get out of bed.
7:30am- realize must wash hair. energy skyrocket (aka adrenaline).
9:00am- in math. energy down. no desire to do anything.
11:30am- halfway through Lit. energy down further. hungry and tired.
12:05pm- lunch. energy up. eat. talk. breathe.
12:30pm- government test. energy flies out my ears and abandons me. stupid energy.
1:25pm- apologetics. finish The Seventh Seal. actual good movie. much symbolism. energy rises accordingly.
2:45pm- latin. I seriously have to traslate poetry by Catullus? energy scatters. fidgety.
2:55pm- persuaded Mr C to let me write my own Latin poem. energy focuses. fun stuff.

Nunc litteras incipio
Et quidnam non dicere scio
De atropureum, caelum,
Aut arcus dicere possum
Sed non scribere cupio.
3:30pm- home. energy nosedives.
4:30pm- energy still in the ground.
5:00pm- eat dinner. energy up. do thesis homework.
6:30pm- have been doing thesis for 90 minutes. energy down.
6:40pm- asleep.
7:15pm- SMALLGROUPAAAHHH. energy skyrocket (see: 7:30am)
9:30pm- small group over. should do school. nervous, brainless, fidgety energy. clean kitchen. sigh.


Monday, February 7, 2011


So, I had an incredibly stressful morning. I said some things last night in my tired state that I regretted... and sent some very incoherent emails to Megan... :P ... and then I dropped my water bottle under the car at 8:40 when I was supposed to be IN SCHOOL and was rushing out of the car and had a 20-pound bag on my back...

and then there was Physics. And usually that class is like GRRRRRRRRR, and today I couldn't help it... I just started crying.
Because seniors are henceforth EXCUSED from the Science Fair!

OH joyous day.

Also, longest-dentist-appointment-in-ever (3 hours) resulted in NO MORE PIRATE TOOTH. hallelujah.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glass Menagerie

at UDel. fabulous.

But I hated the Laura they had. ah well.

awesome quesadilla at Santa Fe nearby. no sales tax, apparently, so I guess I accidentally tipped 25%... :P

talking to Christine <3


PS -

Friday, February 4, 2011

[insert heart symbol that is HTML-incorrect here]

-The Awkward Feely Conversation, during which Rachel and I both tripped over things because it was so Awkward and about Feelings
-"Rachel... the lawn gnome trucker!!!"
-Watched Titanic, finally. I enjoyed it thoroughly; it was a work of art. The motif of the hands is brilliant.
-Sleepover with Megan!

-Saw Caleb a bunch for the first time in a while :)
-Began working on part of Christine's halfway present... yes, there will be one. muahaha. ha. ha.
-Learned tandem Charleston. The lead part. Partially. Ish. But it was fun. :)
-"Don't drool on me!" (my sister cracks me up)
-Dancing in my sparkly outfit.
-Dancing lots of times and only hitting Mark in the face once :P
-Did I mention dancing?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OH was the sunset ever gorgeous tonight.
It was breathtaking. I saw it go straight through from the delicate pastel scrollwork all the way to the deeply soaked, rich tones bleeding out from the horizon. Splendid. But that doesn't capture it.

I think the sky in Heaven might be like a sunset over the snow, continuous.



"What is passive and active?"
"A pain in the butt."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice day. again.

today was good. read a lot. rested. TALKED TO CHRISTINE.

and we re-determined... we cannot get married. it just really wouldn't work.