Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Um. Hi.

I'm taking a break from the Land of the living.

See y'all this weekend, I think. But then again, maybe not.


Monday, September 27, 2010


The Good: Found out I don't have to get my hair cut for my senior pictures!

The Bad: Was later informed I really really really ought to. And I have a headache.

The Random: My Georgia Colony brochure.


The mandatory post-scriptum: Proof that poetry comes easiest when you are tired and can barely spell the word "proof" (true story, and thank goodness for spellcheck)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


today was cool. very cool.

The Good: Church. And this. And talking to Christine even more than earlier.

The Bad: Trying to get mime video files onto the computer when they are in a seriously antiquated format. Developing a nervous twitch and pacing around the upstairs snapping my fingers compulsively while speaking to tech support aka Mark.

The Random: "Your outfit just emanates happiness... about the weather!" (me, speaking to Blake, who says he has never before been told his outfit -of black leather calf length coat, black hat, jeans, and grey shirt- emanates anything, much less happiness.)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do Hard Things... !

Okay. Hi. This is Christine & Kathryne/Katie. We are going to blog our day. EEEEEP!!! !!! !!! !!!

5:30 AM- "My Savior" by Aaron Shust playing way too loud in our sleepy ears
6:15 AM- Leave for DO HARD THINGS!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!
7:00 AM- Katie reluctantly begins Government homework because the sun is now out.
8:20 AM- Motivational Red Wall Paint makes the shoutout board!
9:00 AM- Pure awesome.
5:00 PM- Fangirl time :) Brett Harris signed the MRWP. Then Joel Harris signed it, and he got to sign it next to Robin Mark so he took a picture :) THENTHENTHEN Shannon Harris, Josh's wife, who happens to sing for Sovereign Grace music including The Precious Blood, signed it too.
6:00 PM- Wendy's for dinner! sitting outside, and then this random old man came up to us and talked to us about Mennonite clothing and asked us if we were Mennonites and rambled some odd thing about modern women's clothing... o.0
7:15 PM- Leave for home. Katie attempts to do more Government. Snakes in the car. hehe.
9:05 PM- We both do homework. And talk. And Christine thinks she distracts Katie. But really Katie is just as distracting. Katie gets hungry.
10:00 PM- Sign on to Blogger.

OH. different Good/Bad/Random order today... we're really shaking things up here.

The Bad: No mime performance tomorrow. Major miscommunication. And so that's a bummer.

The Good: (see above, and in addition-) We get to sleep in. Relatively. Like, 7:30 instead of 5:30. But it's still nice. And we still get to see all of our favorite people (read: mimes) at church tomorrow.

The Random:
Good morning starshine, the earth says hello!

<3 Kathryne/Katie & Christine

Friday, September 24, 2010



And I am spending the whooollleeee weekend.


take that, teachers-who-try-to-ruin-my-life-with-exorbitant-amounts-of-homework. I SHALL DEFY YOU.

Understood, I will be leaving here at 6am tomorrow and getting back at 8pm (in between which times I hope to finish my government and/or apologetics), and then leaving again on Sunday at 6am. Yes. whee. :P I will get to sleep in for school on Monday! haha.

I am happy.

OH! I forgot!

The Good: (see: above) (and see: Princess' amazing poem!)

The Bad: (see: 6am, twice in a row)

The Random: I painted the MRWP with white-out so that it is a sign-able surface for ohmygoodness Alex/Brett/Josh Harris, to whom I will hopefully be gifted with the ability to present their first ever opportunity to sign a 2oz jar of Benjamin Moore Poppy Red wall paint.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poetry and POSE!

The Good: Finished my poem for AP American Lit... and it would make me happy if you clicked the link and/or gave me feedback? :) Oh, and also had my picture taken for the newspaper! And it was a good hair day! (note: was, because humidity wrecked it)

The Bad: Lit essay test spun out of thin air and pretentiousness

The Random: Okay, not random, but too awesome to share a category with anything else.

Christine gave me this for my birthday :)



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday :)

The Good:
  • I loveWednesdays!!!
  • Chapel = amazing
  • Movie & Smartfood popcorn in History!
  • Chorus
  • SUNSET!!!!! and THUNDERSTORM!!!! in the same night!
  • Birthday wishes from everyone :)
  • A certain card covered in C.S. Lewis quotes and purple lettering that made me smile a lot.
The Bad: I still have homework... lol.

The Random: Kristen made this my desktop (she put it together in PowerPoint)-

(note the upper right corner :P)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Good: I might just be able to get all of my homework finished tonight! Like, in such a way as to not-have math or science... at ALL... tomorrow, which would make me extraordinarily glad!

The Bad: Seven worst words this year: "You'll have until Thursday to do it." Why is this bad? We hear it in every single Tuesday class, and thus Tuesday teachers feel they can assign extra. (OH WELL, they didn't do it so very badly today, which makes me... EEEE!)

The Random: I was reallyreally tired, fell asleep in Apologetics class today, and have been falling asleep ever since, except after I had that milkshake with Hershey's syrup and coffee grounds... if you can't tell, I'm pretty awake right now ;)
(and, wow, I just put three different tenses in that sentence: imperfect, perfect, present... Mrs. B would murder me)


PS- my birthday is tomorrow :) but, more importantly, International Curly Hair Day is tomorrow!

EDIT: this just made my day (on my Awesome Possum dashboard) -
for the record, the Romans did not seem to be aware there were such things as possums. However, "possum" in Latin means "I am able," which is totally motivational and cool.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Breaking Through :)

The Good: !!!!!! I MADE IT! Maryland Distinguished Scholar Finalist, that is :) I think that means I get a smallish scholarship if I go to eligible Maryland schools, but regardless it will look nice on applications.

The Bad: Monday much? got to school at 7:30 (70 minutes earlier than usual) and waited outside in the cold until 8:05 when Aaron got there with the correct code.

The Random: Do these song lyrics not make you smile? The actual song is even better, but I have to highlight these...

I am a blind man trying to find the way
A deaf man with my ear to the ground
Just listening for what You say

I've got no voice to sing the songs
Written by the prophets on the subway walls*
The kingdom is a golden table and we are beggars all

(Breaking Through, Audrey Assad)



Sunday, September 19, 2010


The Good: Sang on two praise teams today: one for Sunday morning 8:30 and 10:30 services, and one for Sunday evening Praise & Worship service. Yay!

The Bad: Have been pretty much out of the house since 6:45am. Ended the whole thing by standing up into Kristen's nose, which she is convinced is broken.

The Random: Deep-fried twinkies = d'lish. mmmmm.


Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Good: music practice with Kristina & Erin :)

The Bad: cleaned my room. and the bathroom. and did Government homework. and History homework. and I still have math.

The Random: "You have to put some hutzpah in it! ...er... cheil!" (rough transliteration) -Kristina


Friday, September 17, 2010


The Good:
  • Working with Doug in Lit class :D
  • My dad sent my mom flowers for her birthday... from China!
  • Princess came to swing! and Christine did too! and DOUG! Hi Doug!
The Bad(ish): Had to learn lead for Lindy... which was not bad. But I was. lol.

The Random: They played Burning the Toast! That is now my song, btw. It is so very, very cute. It makes me smile :D
And... tehe... began composing a poem in study hall. It's interesting. I'll finish it soon and then post on Awesome Possum.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

whackamole :P

The Good: Yay for not doing physics in Physics! I love substitute teachers who give us "study hall" & let us outside.

The Bad: um, that would be the Government quiz I totally forgot to study for. And it was take-home. Wow.

The Random:
  • "The uniform policy is like whack-a-mole. If you stand out, I have to knock you down." -ever-beloved Headmaster
  • Straightening my hair! Take a good look, because it's probably the last time many of you will ever see it straight.
  • This awesome song David showed me ...it is so very me (yes, I do burn toast)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


(that was the sound of me being eaten by the physics monster)

The Good: I heart Wednesdays. And we talked in Lit about The Raven, and I kind of hijacked the class by asking all of them another question, but it was a really good question, and it just happened to include a quote by (*swoon*) C.S. Lewis that I-just-happened-to-remember while reading Poe's essay on how he wrote The Raven.

The Bad: [see Physics monster that is eating me alive]

The Random: "That was going to be my dramatic exit... but I forgot to ask you where we had choir." (-me :P)


The Good, the Bad, and the Random

I couldn't post yesterday because I wasn't allowed on the computer after small group dinner. Boo. But yay, because it was fun... and I think I'm going to try out a new format for my posts for a few weeks. See how it goes.

The Good: talked to CHRISTINE! and small group dinner was wonderful :)

The Bad: Homework. all. day. My to-do list looked something like this... I finished about 1/3?

The Random: Without a doubt, that award goes to The Game of Things. Myyyy goodness.


Monday, September 13, 2010

little bug grew

and I stayed home from school today.

but I chatted with Christine and Colin, and got another Awesome Possum post up, and it's all good. except that Latin homework I need to do...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black & White PARTAY

While my voice was incapacitated, I did almost win Twister... not that those two have anything to do with each other.

One game I beat David because he was nice to me and didn't totally push me off the board, and the championship round it took 5 minutes to get down to the two of us, and then probably another 5 with just us. And it was INTENSE. And David is very skilled. And I am very fortunate. But he did win. Then all of my arms/legs/hands/feet/fingers/toes were shaking and I couldn't breathe normally for about 10 minutes. I must be out of shape. (And while David was not in quite so bad a condition, my hair did look better than his when it was over :P)

So there was lots of Twister, and lots of food, and lots of talking.

lol, cartoon about secret identities:

(look familiar? haha)


PS- glove substitutes:

you can only imagine the rest of my outfit...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming down with a bug

thankfully, it is a fruit fly and not a cockroach (read: small bug, and I can still kind of understand my math homework).

and I WILL be going to the Black and White Party tomorrow! I WILL!

and I found out that it would cost me about $60,000 total to go to Cambridge University for four years of college. I am now seriously considering overseas studies.

Also, after three failed attempts at artistry and uniqueness via zebra-printed gloves... well, if glovemaking is an art, just call me Jackson Pollock. Also, it's not a good idea to wear gloves that cut off circulation in 3+ fingers.

Perhaps will retry in morning.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Silver Lining

Today was sort of a seesaw...

Bad: carwash at 7:30am
Good: made $360ish
Bad: everybody was in a really bad mood
Good: got to sow seeds of optimism!
Bad: got back to school in time for math class
Good: won the battle of "how to properly label papers"
Bad: I just dislike Physics class. sorry Colin.
Good: I get to choose my partner for the Rube Goldberg project
Bad: took practice AP test in Lit
Good: finished early and got to sleep
Bad: icckkkyyyy video about debate in Govt class
Good: icky videos are fun to criticize
Bad: too sick-feeling to drive home
Good: Mom didn't make me
Bad: ripped popcorn bag and about half the kernels... only kernels... fell out
Good: Tag didn't eat them
Bad: stepped in puddle of popcorn-induced Tag drool
Good: ... um ...
Bad: Comcast won't take my password
Good: I switched to gmail this past week! how foresightful of me!
Bad: knocked over bowl of raspberries
Good: Tag helped clean them up
Bad: stepped in said raspberries in only pair of socks
Good: perfect excuse for Mom to buy me more
Bad: totally ruined first pair of gloves I made (read: unsalvageable. not that I didn't try)
Good: all the more for me to practice! ...right?
Bad: wireless internet is awful (Comcast)
Good: HISTORY CHANNEL still works! :P


Thursday, September 9, 2010



I laughed so hard I cried.

no joke. I was literally crying for like 5 minutes.

Oh, Latin class, I love you.

and Mr. V... "Archy archy archy!"

and Rachel... "I cannot stand TRASH!"


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Mango ice :D

and saw Megan, and Jordan.

and although I was falling asleep at 8, maybe now I'll be able to stay up to finish Portrait of a Lady essay 2.0!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


am I an extravert?

I am doubting my introversion. I know I adore having time to myself being busy and such, and I need it, and I enjoy it... but dear me. talking with people and seeing people makes me so happy!

and "words of affirmation" is most definitely my "love language," if you will. therefore, when people talk to me and ..umm...affirm... me, it just makes me smile.

first day of school, by the way. goodish day.

and a boy asked for Kristen's email address today... lol. he invited her to come to his pool on Saturday. that made me smile.


Monday, September 6, 2010


Lots of secret, suspicious things are hanging in the air.

I love secrets, except for a few circumstances:

a) you know there is one, and you know it's sitting in your sister's un-password-protected email inbox... *cue inner turmoil*

b) you are keeping one, and it's really cool, and you're planning on telling/showing, but only at a specific time. but you reallyreallyreally want to let it out NOW, even though that would ruin the factor of surprise you'd have if you wait... *cue inner trauma*

c) your birthday is in 16 days... *cue inner tsunami*

Of course, sometimes these are actually the things that make it fun.


EDIT: I have officially finished all summer work!! YES!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

no words. lol.

Um, LOTR at church today? SHOCK.
but seeing Sandy's reaction made me smile :P

And, talking with Colin/Daniel/Judy/Sandy after church? LOVE.
but getting positive reactions to my favorite purple lace shirt made me smile too :P

And, getting this picture in an email from my darling Christine? J'ADORE.
and I need to show y'all.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


...because JESUS is Life :D

(how cheesy is that, and yet how true?)

seriously. I have been so incredibly effervescent since last night... maybe even since before that... I think it was since I put on my gypsy shirt in the afternoon, yes?

either way...

today planned fun things and made fun things and FINISHED THE MIDDLEMARCH ESSAY and had a bad hair day and didn't really care.



Christine & Erin came over today to hang with me & Kristen. Went to Joanne's and did fabulous, secretive things. And played with Photobooth. And stuff.

Then we went to THE MOST AWESOME WORSHIP/CONCERT EVER. Robin Mark, btw. I'd had the thing on my calendar since January, and it CAME!!!

So, I met the guy afterwards. He is less intimidating in person than on stage. But he is also very kind. I forgot my CD at home and had nothing signable in my purse. At a stroke of genius, I asked Colin if he still had the Motivational Red Wall Paint.

Can you guess what I did?

I'll take that as a "maybe."

I asked Robin to sign it. He wrote a message on the rim of the lid, and signed his name on the top, side, and bottom. Oh, he's so very cool. Kristina asked him, "have you ever been asked to sign wall paint before?" He said, "no, this is a first." LOL


Guess which one I am! hint: Anticonformity will eat your soulllllllll!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

last day...

at work :/

mixed feelings.

yay for no more getting up before 6am. boo for no more working. 7 weeks is not long enough for something like that.

to make up for the short time, I wrote them a poem. a tribute. hehe.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

old and new etc

White Chocolate Fudge Chunky Chips Ahoy. Like my first ever post :)

Also, going through notebooks, found an old quote from school that I never posted...

Dan: You're an adverb!
Megan: Well you're an... expletive!

lol. This sums up so much.

annnddd I talked to Christine & Colin today... and various things make me exceedingly glad about that. :D
...Not the least of which is that I even have you guys*, and you even, like, LIKE me. Good gravy, I have an awesome life. Y'all make it awesome. We were born for relationships, or else God could have just whisked us away after we believed in Him. But here I am. We were given life for relationships, and relationships give life to life... but C.S. Lewis says it better than I do.
“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”
Anyhow, my survival has a heck of a lot of value. And I am immensely happy and joyful and all that.

Perhaps today I am easily pleased. But that is of no importance. 'Cause I've got the joyjoyjoyjoy down in my heart... ;)


*not JUST Christine & Colin... also lots of other people; I just talked to them today.