Wednesday, March 31, 2010

College Shopping

So, I've been out "college shopping" ... it's loads of fun, albeit exhausting.

I went to UNC on Monday and met up with an old friend who is a sophomore there. I wish I knew more people like him... he has a great sense of purpose and a huge heart for God.

Tuesday, we headed over to Wake Forest, which was AMAZING. Loved it. Sat in on a Russian class... Prof. Hamilton is my new best friend. They did "karaoke" with childrens' songs. Something about a crocodile, a bunny, and a Christmas tree? Anyways, it was great. And the other Russian prof likes Dostoyevsky, more than Tolstoy! Like me! :) Calls him "Dusty." That was a huge smile-thing.

Also, if you're ever in North Carolina for anything, find a Cook-Out. They have THE BEST milkshakes, like ever :) I got strawberry cheesecake flavor... yuummmm. The place is seriously a Cold Stone Creamery for milkshakes.

Today I went to an American Lit class... also good.

Although, I have to say the biggest smile thing was the way my dog, Tag, plays with his half brother... or, should I say, how his brother (Bo) plays with him. Tag is almost 2 and Bo is 5 months... hehe :) Goldens are awesome.


Monday, March 29, 2010


Last post before I leave... EEP!


snoring cat = one of the funniest sounds you'll ever hear :P


Sunday, March 28, 2010

"wee fee?"

This evening my dad took Kristen and me to Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins.

We're sitting at a table, I'm trying to keep my skirt off of the (NASTY) floor, and Kristen says...

"Dad... what's wee-fee?"

I turn around to see a poster advertising free Wi-Fi. My dad and I look at each other and just crack up. All the while Kristen is getting defensive and saying, "What?! What is it?!" and having no clue.

It was highly amusing.

Kristen is almost 13.


Post-Scriptum~ 9.5 pages down, and at least 6 worth of material to go. PLUS fun extra research in 5 short story collections!
Post Post-Scriptum~ leaving tomorrow AM for college shopping trip. Limited internet access. Will miss you all!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

6.5 out of 16?

Well, I am currently in the middle of the 7th page of my junior thesis... making it legitimately the longest paper I have ever written. (non-fiction, anyways :P)

and that makes me happy.

I ought to be able to get at least 1.5-2 more pages finished tonight, and then I won't have to stress so much on my trip :)

I also went to the library and checked out several awesome-looking books, like
The Essential Tales of Chekhov & The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky

and that makes me happy as well.
I *heart* Dostoevsky... although I prefer to spell it "Dostoyevsky" as the Cyrillic letter for that e is actually pronounced "ye" (see: the Ipanchins/Yepanchins of The Idiot, by the wonderful Dostoyevsky himself)

I cannot wait until I get this BLASTED paper finished!
(and, yes, we did just read Pygmalion...)


Friday, March 26, 2010

8 things...

Today we had a field trip. To a library. It was awesome. So many things made me smile, like when they lied and told the guy at the taco place that I was allergic to jalapeño peppers to get me a new one sans-spice... :P
(also, going to Christine's, talking to her, seeing the puppies, and learning the lindy hop!)

On the way back, we (my class-- me, Rachel, Megan, Dan) determined that we only ever really talk about 8 things.

1) Literature
2) grammar (especially bad grammar)
3) Myers-Briggs personality theory
4) the televenth grader
5) how busy we are
6) Megan's work/the people at her work
7) movies (especially bad ones, like Another Cinderella Story... really anything Disney-Channel)
8) Oscar


PS- I picked a daffodil and wore it in my hair!
PPS- "scintillate" is an amazing word.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

breathe, breathe...


(if you didn't guess by now, I just went driving)

I dislike driving.

I drove for 45 minutes,
did not kill anyone,
did not kill myself,
and (sort of) successfully changed lanes!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


my hair is long enough and BIG enough to make an absolutely fabulously EIGHTIES side ponytail.
it is so much fun.
and it is making me smile.

also, I am breaking the rules today and wearing a pink shirt and a red hoodie. SHAME!

and... well... chem lab wasn't too bad today; we didn't have the right materials so we couldn't do it. So we hung out with the sophomore boys, and they're funny :P

then Megan & I sang Mighty to Save, and I transposed it in my head and played it almost all the way through almost kind of well!
(and then I gave up and we sang our fabulous harmonies a cappella... LOADS of fun, it was.)

then we did The Call (Regina Spektor; it's our favorite) for an audience of aforesaid sophomore boys (we got a lot of compliments... hehe. they've never heard the likes of us before.)

So it is Wednesday, and I survived! Happily! I didn't even talk about slap-happy-Latin class!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

blah, blah.

Bad things first:
-haven't talked to Christine in, like, forever... since Saturday! (gaspish... couldn't even think of anything clever to email today)

Good things now:
-drove for 45 minutes yesterday and didn't kill anyone! only honked at once... I'm bad at lane changing.
-yesterday was my half-birthday! and I forgot to post it!
-DOVE CHOCOLATE. 'nuff said.
-not too terribly much homework.
-watched My Fair Lady in school... YAY!!
-working on my junior thesis, and I am actually not being sarcastic this time when I say I'm having fun.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Today was good and bad.

bad because
it is a Monday
and rainy
and private banks' student loans will be illegal as of Tuesday
and Rachel & Megan weren't in school today.

good because
I survived
I talked to people
I played dress up in the clothes I got when I went shopping in my
friend's car trunk yesterday (hehe)
I don't have too much homework.

And! I decided to participate in Week In Feminine Dress (WIFD)
Christine sent it to me and we shall do it together...
anybody else in?


Sunday, March 21, 2010


what did I survive?

Another Africa presentation... at another church... twas cool. One of the guys in the group (who was wearing a very, very purple shirt) mentioned that he was going to minor in Russian and that made me happy.

And babysitting.
10 kids.
all under 8.
3 under 3.
1 with autism.

And braiding hair for the mimes... nobody slapped me for pulling too hard :P
(& hearing about Blake's unfortunate accident... lol)


Saturday, March 20, 2010


(according to Wheelock, that's the Latin equivalent to "whee!")


today was AWESOME!

I rounded off the morning by totaling 9.5 hours of talking with Christine.
We walked down to the creek
and planned a few music videos
and photoshoots
and Halloween costumes
and future-all-nighters
and future-multiple-day-sleepovers :)
(And getting Rita's!)

Then I talked on the phone to the guy heading up the Sunday School I'm speaking at tomorrow (I shall not babble. I shall not babble. I shall not babble.)
...and it sounds like it's going to be awesome :)

Then I had the Africa team dinner
and crazy hair night at youth group
and my Africa presentation with Sandy
(even though I babbled a bit)
and playing spoons/shoots
and playing liar
and hula hooping for 10 minutes straight.

And... well... today I am feeling simply MAGNIFICENT. and MAGNANIMOUS.
I loved seeing (in order of appearance) ChristineErinStephanieSandyAndeeMarkSarahLiviJulietRachelColin ...and I felt just plain wonderful!
Today could hardly have been better.
Also, the weather was gorgeous.

Kathryne (and Wheelock)

Latin Class

So, Christine did a joint post, but I wanted to mention some stuff from yesterday... =)

Latin Class.


We ended up talking about something random concerning monsters and America as an obese nation... later we looked back and traced our conversation.

Bird flies into classroom window.
>Bird came through window in Dan's house; was flying around his sister's room.
>>There was a bat in Megan's house, flying around.
>>>Have you ever seen the Magic School Bus about bats?
>>>>Magic School bus is now on PBS at 8:30 AM; so not fair.
>>>>>When [Latin teacher] was a kid, all they had was Sesame Street and Electric Company.
>>>>>>Sesame Street! It's so lame now.
>>>>>>>Yeah, now "cookies are a sometimes food," according to Cookie Monster.
>>>>>>>>That's because Cookie Monster made America into an obese nation!

:) Kathryne


hi all =)

sorry we didn't write earlier; the internet was out. all. night.

rundown of yesterday:
6:30- talked.
7:30- ate pizza.
7:45- talked.
10:00- watched Horton Hears a Who. (and talked)
11:30- talked.

rundown of today:
12:00- talked.
3:00- feel asleep.
9:20- talked.
9:45- ate bagels & cream cheese; typed this.

eating- 40 minutes
watching a movie: 1 hour 30 minutes
sleeping: 6 hours 20 minutes
talking: 7 hours 35 minutes... so far =)

Smiley stuff:
Kristen after mime... hahahaahaha =P
Christine met the Savannah cats (google it)
Tag stole said Savannah cats' catnip toy
Katie's emails ...hehe

(and we might walk down to the creek!)
(and we might go see the puppies!)
(and we might talk!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

more quotes :)

sorry, I forgot to write yesterday. But it's okay; anything I would have come up with would have been totally lame as I wasn't in a very good mood.
and Wednesdays involve stuff like Student Government and Chem Lab. ICKY!!!


"I want to yell at you, but I have to fix my eye!" (*growl*)
-Megan, to Dan, who was bragging about how he finishes Latin work twice as fast as the rest of us

"I don't just have 20/20 vision, I have 100/100 vision! ...wait, is there a difference?"
-Dan, who was having one of the maybe 10 blonde moments I've ever seen him in

"You are the most abusive lunchbox owner I have ever met!"
-Rachel, to Megan who was throwing her lunchbox at the wall repeatedly

we're reading Pygmalion in Lit! And I get to read the part of Professor Higgins! Oh, I do love him... and I believe he is an INTJ. Needless to say, the voice comes naturally. Maybe a good 5th higher.

my evening plans were cancelled, BUT I went shopping with Kristen :)
and they were cancelled so graciously I couldn't mind in the slightest.

And AND...
I get to see Christine tomorrow! (*mischievous laugh*)

(also, I finally finished Part I of Megan's birthday present... her birthday was Tuesday. And I started my Junior Thesis last night!)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fine Arts =)

So, right now I have an awful headache and am about to drop over dead...


I stayed alive for my full 12.5-hour day, and it was lots of fun.

Some of the art was AMAZING! Like, you have no idea... this stuff made
me want to cry; it was so. good.

Then there was this one kid who sat behind us in the workshop thing,
and he was kind of mean (I could use other words, but that wouldn't be
helpful), and he TOTALLY looked like Sterling Knight (with a rounder,
less-girly face). That made me laugh.

And we played Spoons and Mafia and I was the Mafia about 67% of the
time. Of course, Dalvin cheated and looked one time so that didn't
work out so well.


Monday, March 15, 2010


History class today... OHMY. my stomach hurt from laughing.
We were all seriously slap happy, and we just decided to get off of the track to take the AP test, so we were also quite giddy... hehe, yeah, it was fun, and it was one of those "you had to be there" things.

talked to Christine for an hour and a half =)
and... I am still effervescent!!!

To top it off, my week's schedule is looking pretty nice...
school at 6:20 (AM) for Fine Arts Festival
Megan's birthday!!
get home 6:30 (PM) and do homework... yay?
(nothing that great in school)
Voice (I love Mrs Amy!)
FINALLY can start my Junior Thesis!
reading Pygmalion in Lit (play version of My Fair Lady)
homework, I guess
and... *giggle* something fun TBD ;)


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today was just so... HAPPY!

I am effervescent right now =)

Nay, I'm, like... EXUBERANT and OOOH! I love it when happy things happen to my friends ...hehehehe!

and CELTIC NIGHT was tonight and I sang a Welsh lullaby and I got to talk to people (ChristineColinErinBlakeLiviMarkAndeeLizzyAndrea!) and see Irish dancing and listen to Lizzy sing and they sang Revelation Song and I totally hit that top note in "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah."

To top it off, I actually had Ibuprofen when Erin needed it! Providence, yeah?

and... EEEEEEEEE! Today was so HAPPY!!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Back!!

So, I was kinda-sorta-halfway grounded for the last week, because I had a lot of school work and I had the SATs today (which went pretty well, even though the power went out...)

so, I'M BACK!

And tonight is the St. Patrick's Disco at youth group =P

AND! One of my words-of-the-day was on the SAT! (I can't tell you which one =P ...and it was one of my personal words, not from one of those weird page-a-day calendars)

And I saw
my friend from driver's ed
my BFF from 5th/6th grade
my BFF from 3rd/4th grade
my other BFF from 4th grade
my BFF from 4th-8th grade (and classmate until last year, but I stopped having BFFs after middle school)
& that kid who *said bad words* in math class in 5th grade

it was all very fun =)

as fun as 4-hour standardized testing can be, that is.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

it's a la-la-la-lovely day :)

A few things today...

1) church
>>>sleeping in an extra hour and a half
>>>BIBLE FORCE!! (I've missed you guys!!!)
2) walking down to the creek with Kristen, Mark, and Colin :)
>>>perfect. weather.
>>>giving Kristen a piggyback ride... then watching her go twice as fast when Colin gave it a shot.
>>>semi-freaking out when Kristen acted like she threw Mark's phone in the water
3) talking at dinner with the family
4) I finished my watercolor... finally.
>>>most of it is PURPLE!
>>>contrary to popular belief, watercolor actually is erasable, at least with a lot of patience and if you don't care about getting completely rid of the tint

And: check out this word spectrum (beautiful to ugly), and see where "cute" lies. Lesson learned: cute is perfectly acceptable as long as that's what you mean.
...although, you'd think that "drop-dead gorgeous" would be ABOVE just plain "gorgeous," and that "comely" would be a little lower on the list.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today... was just... awesome. HAPPY.

happy is not "I'm so happy I don't have to do homework right now like every other minute of my life."

happy is "I would be PSYCHED to do homework right now, because my life is awesome!*"

and I am HAPPY!
I have been BLESSED
with unbelievably great friends (shout-out to Christine, Erin, Livi, Mark, & Blake)
with an amazing family (even Kristen, who stole shotgun tonight... twice)
with opened eyes (anybody else see the sky tonight?)
with an opened heart (Paul Wilbur=super... friends who will dance and lift their hands=priceless)

You are stronger
More than any other
What a Savior
You are higher
My soul's deepest desire
You are Savior


* "my life is awesome!" -credit to Blake :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Rita's opened today!!!

So I went to visit Megan (she works there) and got a green apple (a kid-sized gelati~ vanilla custard, of course)

...but then I told her I probably wouldn't be coming back to visit until the temperature hits at least 50 or so...

Also, I made up a to-do list for the weekend and made it my desktop!
(BTW- if you all ever get tired of my whining about my workload, let me know and I can stop)

Also-also, I got to see people! Like Christine and Livi and Erin and Andee and Sandy and Sarah and Mark and David (but Colin was MIA today)
....andddd, now back to Art homework... paragraph and a watercolor! woohoo!! (I think I might actually enjoy this assignment, at least the watercolor part)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

ohmyohmyohmyohmy!! --bonus post

First off, I would like to introduce you to:
myself. Exactly one year ago.

I sent myself an email from school (with a document attached) saying~
here you go katie. i know that this is what you've always wanted. because of this, i am not going to get you a birthday present this year. don't be sad, i may not have gotten you one anyways. so have fun with your very own rhetoric essay. to properly take care of it, you need to use three supporting arguments and sufficient 4-syllable non-understandable vocabulary. that makes it seem more authentic. don't forget to feed it (it likes lemon jello and toast), and if you don't give it enough root beer it will get depressed.

hehe. that made me laugh a little.

What made me smile a LOT tonight (and why-I-shouldn't-post-until-the-day-is-over) was...
At dinner.
I turned around for a second; I forget why.
When I returned to my normal position, there was a suspicious bump under my napkin.
I lifted the napkin, expecting to see some strange "clue" as to what my family is doing this summer, and I saw not that but an ...iPod!
I say (incredulous): "What?"
Mom (equally astounded) says: "What?!"
Kristen (not sure what was going on in her mind) says: "WHAT?!?!"




and it's purple!!

and it might actually turn off when I tell it to!!

and... thank you, Daddy =))))


Chemistry! (?)

I get it!! I get it!! Finally!!!

it was funny today, because my teacher (who worked in a hospital before) was talking about how sugar and oxygen turn to energy and "pee"... for a really, really long time. And we are all sitting there trying not to burst out laughing, playing with Oscar to keep our minds off of everything... but then we finally stopped discussing bodily functions and got to do the homework and I got it!!

My teacher calls them "stoky-metric conversions," I just call them "math."

Also, we have decided to call "moles" -- "razzmatazzle-dazzles" from now on.


Today is National Grammar Day!!!!

So in Brit Lit we wrote poems about punctuation. We had to pretend to be a punctuation mark.

Here's another (separate) poem I wrote in honor of National Grammar Day:

I understand you really meant what you had to say.
I understand you think your sentence ends better that way.
But all that I can tell is this-- NOT A THING, that's what!
When ev'ry line is ended twice it's never truly shut.
Double periods- that's the problem; morning, noon, and night.
It's not attractive, isn't cool, and truly isn't right.
Did you accident'lly push the keyboard button twice?
Or is it just a part-elipsis, seriously spliced?
It is so indecisive, really. Please make up your mind!
Correct is one, or three, or none: not two of a kind.
I'm begging truly, really, very- fix it, fix it now!
There is no reason to use two; 'tis therefore not allowed.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quotes, etc

Today, today... oh, today was pretty good, all things considered.
READ: it's Wednesday, worst-day-of-the-school-week.

But I finally understand the Chemistry work (yay!)
...and the lab didn't smell too bad today.

Megan & Dan made me smile.
Scenario- we have a study period instead of Latin, and we're working on Chemistry. They want to copy my answers because they are lazy bums.
Megan- Dan, don't be mean to Katie! She is a gift from God!
Dan- Yeah, and if she doesn't give us the answers she is going to be returned...


Also, Aaron's face when we showed him our work in "Advanced" Chemistry. And how Momma T (Mrs Theresa) told him they were starting stoichiometry tomorrow... =P

Also, I'm eating pasta!

Also, I'm going to church tonight, and I'm actually leaving at 6:30 instead of 9!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Think of the movies you watched as a kid, or even 3-4 years ago.

Movies, for me, like "High School Musical."

Now, I never thought that movie was "all that" like all my friends did, but it was cool enough. Today, Kristen was watching it on the computer while I was doing my homework, and... wow.

1) Since when do sophomores look like that? And since when do they know how to sabotage the alarm system?
2) Seriously, this goes BEYOND coincidence/good luck. Everything, really.
3) Uhm, really? Sorry, but the "bad guys" (Ryan and ... Sharpay?) have much better voices than the protagonists (Troy and Gabriella)
4) The ending was the CHEESIEST thing I've seen since The Princess Bride... and that movie is at least funny because it's overdone on purpose. This one is just stupid!

Also, I'm having an email archive day...
I re-counted up... last year during all 47 days of Lent I received less than 200 emails. This year, in all 13 days, I've received almost 300... all of a sudden I'm getting like 20/day, and it's ridiculous!!!
...of course, if you count college emails, I've received a good 400 emails, at least... crazy.
And then I' reading emails from, like, November and they were all so serious but I have to laugh now... life goes so quickly, since I've been back from Africa.
And then... Megan's cheater boyfriend from the Speech Meet... in Courtney's words, "loller"

I'm listening to Kristen sing along with Disney music... she's funny =P


PS- where is the Rigmarole?

PPS- it is now going on 23 weeks my mom has been sick. Please pray =/

Monday, March 1, 2010

funny... and sad.

Well, almost directly after my History teacher told us he was going to try to find ways to cut down on our homework load, he assigned us for the week...

(the normal)
chapter 16 of the textbook => 2 hrs
chapter 4 of The Victory of Reason => 1.5 hrs

(the added/insane)
chapter 17 of the textbook => 2 hrs
Document-Based Question essay => 1-2 hrs
Take-home test => 2 hrs

(we did persuade him to let us take the test in class)

Also, I graded quizzes... very simple; one-five-word answers... average grade? 20-30%.
That made me grimace, does that count as a smile?

Oh, and apparently the 7th graders REALLY like Oscar, because they now have like 8 of him, in all different colors, and they play with them and talk about them... *so immature* right? (hehe. that did make me smile)