Sunday, February 28, 2010


while I had an awesome, amazing, jam-packed day of fun, I can't remember anything in particular that made me smile...

I was out of the house for almost 14 hours straight! I've had my contacts in for WAY more than is "legal" at this point.

I played Risk today with Colin & Mark & Drew & David (fun!) and they let me stay in the game for almost the whole time! I was even the second person to get kicked off the board. I learned some strategy, and got a lot of help, but hey... it was only my second time playing. And it makes a really, really good spectator sport (I had South America and almost all of North America and nothing anywhere else by, like, the third turn... hence, mostly uninvolved with world politics).

And today Bible Force led worship at the evening service and I got to sing my song =)
...a bit shaky, because I hadn't eaten for 5-6 hours, but better than nothing.
Also, it's always really cool to be involved in that. Even if there are only 10-15 people, it's still a really good worship time.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


E-F-F-E-R-V-E-S-C-E-N-C-E ... what's that spell?

(just kidding... although that seemed to be the general consensus)

Actually, it's more like...  

effervescent young people
informal bright-eyed and bushy-tailedpeppybouncyupbeatchirpyfull of beans.
ANTONYMS depressed.

(so... Andee, pretty much)

And last night I was feeling incredibly effervescent after Isaiah 61 (even though they forgot about my solo). We went to swing, I retrieved Oscar from Dan-the-hamster-napper, and Blake spelled effervescent correctly, first try! Didn't dance much, but then again not many people did... And I skipped around, quite a bit. And I did a backbend (with help, lots of it)!

Then. Something quite tragic occurred.

I... went to Christine's house.


We ate like two dozen biscotti(s?). We watched Phantom of the Opera. Again. We fed puppies (!!!!!!!). Then we "went to bed." (read: talked for two hours --and before you ask why I'm talking about yesterday, I'm not, this was this morning). Then we did get 6 hours of sleep. Then my mom & sister came and we played with the puppies =)

Smiliest things have to have been...
Blake's spelling triumph
plotting to have week-long sleepovers and stay out late-late at swing and go shopping and learn Russian *nod*
eating PASTA =P


PS- ebullient and scintillating are two other favoritest words of mine.
PPS- I don't generally use these words; I just woke up in the early AM yesterday and that word was in my head. It's happened before, most notably with supercilious and vicissitude.
PPPS- this made me laugh ~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow & Sleep

Last night I was really. really. really tired.
So tired that I went to bed at, like, 9:45. When my alarm went off at 7 this morning, I just groaned... seriously??? Then I noticed something. It was snowing!!!!! Normally snow and I are not exactly BFFs, but today I absolutely loved it! (no school... 12 hours of sleep... YAY!)

Because of these overwhelming feelings, I decided to compose a poem. Again.

i woke up to a white and ethereal glow
leaking in through the shades on my bedroom window
the air in the room was cold in its flow
and i thought to myself, oh, could it be snow?
then i dragged myself up, timid and slow
and quietly walked 'cross the room, and... oh!
it was! and to school i would no longer go!
oh Snow... i was mean, i admit it, i know,
yes, i was, i mistreated you so
but now, darling Snow, my thanks to you i owe!



Thursday, February 25, 2010

PJ day!

Today has been a true Pajama Day.

I went to school in my lovely plaid PJ pants,
then I came home and played on Photoshop,
and now I'm going to bed, really, really early.

Smile thing:
Today, Oscar learned the hokey pokey =P
I got an email saying we're going to do "Leaning on The Everlasting Arms" in 2/4 Swing 150 tempo =)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When you're a little kid, you definitely have your "favorite color(s)." But getting older, sometimes you lose that happy "this is my color" feeling.

not me.

No, for me, purple just makes me... HAPPY. I don't know how else to say it. Whenever I see purple, I can't help but smile. So, today was School Spirit Week Day 1 (yeah, it's only Wed-Fri)... Wacky Tacky Day. And, owning enough purple to literally clothe my entire grade twice over, I couldn't help but go all-out in that wonderful, happy color =)

Outfit consists of (with an understood "purple" in front of each):
sparkly shoelaces in hair
dangly earrings
tie-dye scarf
tank top
gradient plaid skirt
long peasant skirt
nail polish


Megan Quote of the Day:
"We really can't call each other nerds, because you are what you eat!"
(followed by spasmic laughter. and yes I just made up that word)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


two, very, very scary things happened today.

First, I was looking for something under my bed. Being lazy as I usually am, I just stuck my hand under and felt around along the side.
box... box... two books... another box... SOMETHING WARM FUZZY AND MAD! AND IT'S ATTACKING MY HAND!!!!!
(my cat, in case you didn't figure it out. he wasn't supposed to be in my room.)

Second, and equally scary... Kristen and I were dancing around the kitchen to Fireflight and Krystal Meyers after my parents left for Bible Study =P


Sunday, February 21, 2010

this is sad.

(actually it was very happy, but it's sad that this was happy for me)

So, today was going to go something like:

6:30- wake up
7:15- leave for church
7:30- praise team rehearsal
8:30- first service
10:00- hang out/do homework
10:30- second service
12:30- eat lunch (at church)
12:50- take a nap (at church)
1:30- LIT meeting
3:55- leave LIT early
4:00- babysit 11 kids under the age of 8
6:30- come home/eat dinner
7:00- homework
9:30- fall over in bed because of a lack of sleep/rest


6:30- wake up
7:15- leave for church/pick up Mark
7:30- praise team rehearsal
8:30- first service
10:00- talk to Andee/Colin/Juliet
10:30- second service
12:30- praying. and stuff.
1:00- Wawa sub for lunch
1:15- CHRISTINE!! HI!!
1:30- LIT meeting
4:00- babysitting is cancelllllleeeedddd!!!!
4:15- talk to Mom about life
5:30- homework/goofing off
7:00- dinner
7:40- family prayer
8:15- homework/email/music
9:00- reading a book... for FUN! (Angels & Demons; Dan Brown; good book!)


Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, um, I'm really tired and have to go to bed now (early morning; long day tomorrow), but...

I guess 3 words sum everything up.


(okay, 4)


yepppp, lotsa smiles there. HOW FUN. Those ladies sound better live than recorded. "At The Celli" HAS to be one of my favorites.

Daily Oscar update:
I changed all of my email contact-pictures to pictures of Oscar.
They all fit, too... Andee has drama-Oscar (on the puppet stage), Caleb has Oscar-in-a-tree, Rachel has colored-pencil-Oscar, etc.


PS- random/weird smile~ I am completing my journal today, EXACTLY 10 months after I began it (last April 20). Yes, I did that on purpose.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So, in Latin today we learned that Southern grammar is actually closer to the correct Latin grammar than anyone else.

For example, one sentence was translated, "He gave them books to y'all." (technically, it was "you all," but I digress)

ALSO, I tried out super-conjunctions on my Brit Lit teacher (they'ven't ... couldn't've... hehe). That didn't go over well, but I got a reaction =D


Oscar!! again!!

Idn't he adooorrrrable?

In Math today, Megan found in her textbook another acronym for "sohcahtoa" ... "Oscar had a heap of acorns." AAAHH! The irony and timing was astounding.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oscar the Wonder Hamster!!

So, I'm not totally sure how this email-posting thing is going to go with this, but I've got pictures!!

(because I'm certain you are all dying to get a glimpse of our wonderful class pet)

Today, Oscar went to school.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Megan Elizabeth!

(Okay, so her middle name isn't REALLY Elizabeth... but mine is and Rachel's is and she felt left out)

Basically, Megan is just cool, and she's also a lot like me. The sad thing is that she is coolest in the ways that she is least like me.

Things Megan did/said to make me smile today:

She bought a class pet! He is a hamster, his name is Oscar, he is yellow, and he is about one inch tall.

"It started with llamas and ended up with my possum relocation program... it's a nonprofit!"

"What are the six tenses of the Latin verb?"
"To glorify God and ... no, wait, that's the Catechism."

"Hey! We don't have that much homework tonight!"

^^that last one made me smile because we have SO much homework it overflowed in my planner into Thursday's space.


PS~ I am remote-posting via email, because it is now officially Lent and I am off of the internet! I shall be back in April.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dorian GrA- =P

Well, today not much made me smile... OH! but I did get a 90 on my drawing. One girl got a 100, but the rest of us are stuck with A- 's.

so, here is Mr Dorian Gray:

weird? yes. But we were supposed to draw him before and after. It's better if you look at each half separately...


and AFTER:

If the second one doesn't creep you out, jusssttt a little, then I deserved that stupid minus sign. Is it just me, or does a B+ seem happier than an A-?

Oh, and if you see any weird smudges, I DID draw this a whole lot lighter. I darkened it on the computer. I used my H pencil =)


PS- tomorrow I shall be posting via email.
Because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.
And I am giving up the internet for Lent.
(but not email... YAY MacMail!)
and YAY for the rigmarole; I'm psyched =)

If you want something cool to do for Lent, check out 40 Days of Water.

Monday, February 15, 2010


NOTE: for some weird reason this didn't post last night. *sighh*

So, visited University of Maryland (College Park) today.


usually colleges have one of their twentysomething-year-old recent graduate open the info sessions, so it made me laugh how they had a sixtysomething-year-old man who read off of cards, saying stuff like, "people are our most treasured assets."

& I got to eat Panera broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. OH, THE LOVE!

It's snowing again.
so I wrote a poem.

dear snow, oh my, dear, dear snow!
i really think that you ought to know:
you seriously need to go away
and stay there. yes, that is what i say.
you're adding so greatly to my sorrow...
see, i had a field trip tomorrow,
but then you had to visit again.
oh, this is torture! when will it end?!
now, i'll admit, a week off of school
was great at first, but this is not cool!
i'm sick and tired of staying at home
with nothing to do, and oh-so-alone.
i guess i could forgive you, a bit,
if you'd switch my chem class with brit lit.
can you? please? oh omnipotent one...
then i'd prefer you to even the sun.
write back soon; i await your reply.
meanwhile i'll sit in my bedroom and cry.
send sun my regards; how has he been?
sincerely, your ever-faithful


Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love living like this.

So, I decided to take today off.

I'm not even going to touch my Chemistry homework, nope!

Instead, I am reading a novel (Journey, by Angela Hunt) and eating a Take5 bar!!! =)'s a really good book, and really good chocolate.

Also, what made me smile... hummm... I think Blake's face during "Endless Night" (the dance-part) made me smile because it was just so HAPPY. And the pink stuff at the shower, that was fun.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Maddie can break you' finger!"

Always have a deeeeelightful time with Elijah & Chris... oh, and I guess Katie & Sarah too =)

dinner conversation was the BEST.
I wouldn't hold it up with, say, The Princess Bride or The Picture of Dorian Gray, but it was pretty darn quotable.

Also, seeing the word "darn" in a children's book. Really?!

OH! OhOhOh!! And watching videos of Ben Barnes (think: Prince Caspian... with a buzz cut) in a... wait for it... BOY BAND. ohmy. It's, like, Brit-pop extreeeme! And hilarious!

And talking about MBTI always makes me happy. Sarah, we have decided, is not:
ISFJ (like the first test said)
INFP (like the second one said)
or ENTP (like the last one said)
...but, she is an ISTJ. And I totally see it.


Friday, February 12, 2010

My Quiz from

How Well Do You Know Katie?
1) What is my full name?
Kathryn Renee
Katarina Grace
Kathryne Elizabeth
Kathryne Elise
Powered By:

I guess it would have been "today"

Well, I went to be early last night. Turned off everything by 10:20; lights out an hour later.

THEN. I remember.

Kitty Cabin Fever.

What is this, you ask?
It's the part of (my) cat's brain that gave him cabin fever before I even came close to it. To ward off boredom, he sleeps all day (when we're not throwing him into the snow).

But then.

Come nighttime...


He's lonely, so he wanders the halls crying pitiful, LOUD cries. Until, like 1 AM, which is almost 2 hours after I went to bed.

What made me smile is that this morning when he jumped up onto my dresser like he's not supposed to, I didn't have to get up or throw pencils at him to get him down. I just sat up in my bed and made an exasperated noise, and he JUMPED down from the dresser, ran out of my room, down the hallway, and down the stairs. Goodie for him.

Also, at like 12:02 (approximately) I remembered some parts of Sandy's song (which I stupidly lost... do you ever do that? have so many notebooks that you can't find something you wrote in one?)... and wrote them down, so now I'm'a go work on that.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Happiness is eating pineapple until your mouth burns and you have to put it away.

Happiness is pretending that pineapple is a normal thing to eat, because of course the weather is closer to


...and the view out of your back door is more like


...and Happiness is throwing your cat outside anyways =P



Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, I was playing Scrabble today with my mom. Look at that *lovely* hand I have there. Mom & I were both cracking up. The next turn's hand was not much better. (in between the two, I spelled "tea" off of my mom's t)

(and, Sandy, sadly that's not Fanta. Just Sunkist. still good though. Hey, did you know that Sunkist is underlined in red, but not Fanta? =P)

There were other things that made me laugh... pretty hysterically, actually... oh, don't you just LOVE the internet (and email, of course... HAHAHA, Christine!)
...but I can't post those here =P


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OH! m-m-m-MY!

I know this is ridiculous, but... in trying to find a username for my Twitter (yes, I'm giving in), I found these:


...and then I just. couldn't. stop.

Find some AMAZING stuff here, no joke.

For example:
"This peace-loving female ninja is very short and has a thin build. Her beady eyes are lavender. She has blue hair worn in a style that resembles a lionfish's spines. Her preferred weapons are bows. She is skilled in lying. She uses her martial arts to produce spatial disturbances."

"The charmingly confused, overemotional pirate. His dancing eyes are like two amethysts. His hair is the color of an overcast sky. He always wears several amulets."

"This witty male vampire has droopy violet eyes that are like two windows on the evening sky. His luxurious, straight, neck-length hair is the color of obsidian, and is worn in an uncomplicated, precise style. He's got a moustache. He is short and has an athletic build. His skin is white. He has a wide forehead and bushy eyebrows. He can turn into an owl. He can control the minds of the weak-willed. If attacked with weapons made of silver, he will sicken and die. His outfits are usually sapphire."

"Marguerite Glorieux has flowing midnight hair and eyes of radiant hazelnut. She is a master thief endowed with keen night vision. She can be recognized by her rakish scar. No one knows she is the Phantom of the Opera's transgendered son."

You can even have your own ready-made Mary Sue:
"Belle is the protegée of the Phantom of the Opera and the former love of Marius. Her brilliant purple eyes and glossy fiery red hair set off her flawless skin. She is a spunky adolescent and is blessed with a talent for poetry and music. "

"The sunrise-gold-haired, cornflower-eyed beauty known only as Oriane has a secret: not only is she a saucy grisette, she is Courfeyrac's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate! Her streak of white hair and telekinesis set her apart from others."

now, if THAT is not a fun way to spend your evening, I'd like to know what is!

EDIT: also, finding out that you were wrong about a really stressful, slightly-nauseating, nearly-tear-inducing email. Thank goodness for telephones. That made me smile. (love you!)


Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, what happens when we get bored...

So, I'm bored.

I, literally, have not set FOOT outside of my house since I came home around 6:15 on Friday night. I am an introvert, but it's still a little weird that I haven't seen people (that I know/care about, that are not in my family) in 4 days.

Since I have no one to distract me, I decided to straighten my hair today.
(*collective GASP*)

yep. First time since I had my hair cut last June... uh... 30th? Or was it July 1st? It was a Tuesday. Anyways.

After only 4 hair clips, 3 burns, 2 flat irons, 1 hour [+50 minutes], and endless patience, my hair went, well...

TADA!! ^^ click to enlarge

(the first one was actually from a different day. I brushed it before it got a chance to curl, today.)

Also, fun emails make me smile =)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finished my Masterpiece, mhmm!

So, my Brit Lit teacher did ask me to write up a summary of all of my MBTI knowledge. And I finished!! It is beautiful... a work of art... and now, you can type all your friends (even though that's technically unethical... it is still fun =) )

So here 'tis.
well... 'eyare.
er, would it be 'yare ?
it doesn't work so well when it's plural.

Also what makes me happy:
Scrabble with Mom & not getting creamed
Quesadillas with cheese bursting out at the seams
A Coke with explicitly three cubes of ice
--And a day off of school will surely be nice =)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow (again)

The snow is very much a "meh" thing for me.
I don't own snowpants
or sweatpants
or snow boots
or really even tennis shoes.

So I do what I would do anyways, and stay inside and clean and do homework.
(why does it keep snowing on the weekends?!?!! AAAHHH!!!!)
...yeah, Africa presentation was cancelled. again. because of snow. stupid snow.

I still did smile a lot today.

I found a college when I was online that I like. It's called the University of Evansville, in southern Indiana.
it's not terribly expensive
they give you a scholarship for being a part of their choir
and another one for being an active member of a United Methodist church

...and they have a Russian Studies minor
and an English major
and a good-looking communications program
and an option to study abroad in Russia
and a decent mission statement

...and the school color is PURPLE! =D

(skip to about 1:20 for what happened today)

...yeaaahhh... soo... my cat threw up in the potted plant, so this is how we punished him.
and we really wanted an excuse to throw him into the snow =P


Friday, February 5, 2010

An Analysis of People

So, today I went college shopping. It was very fun. I got to sit in on a freshman-level English class of about 20 students. Actually, exactly 20 students; I counted. So we're going to test my observational skills and see what I remember.

The girl on my left is another Kath(erine)-called-Katie. She seems like your typical studious, 4.0, secretary-in-the-SGA student. She has on a plain white shell and a dark, coral pink cardigan. She has thick, straight brown hair (pulled half-back in a braid) and single pearl earrings. Dark jeans. And boots. She has perfect handwriting. She actually talks to me. She has a brother and a sister who are juniors, like me!

The girl on my right is the one everybody knows. She walks in, and you can tell by her voice that she always gets her way. When she comes in, she immediately pulls her keypad-ed phone (and a Pink University notebook from Victoria's nothing-much-is-Secret) out of her Vera Wang bag. She's the one who got up early before her 8:30 class to fix her makeup to perfection. She is wearing boots, too. She's named Victoria (which is what we always used to name the snobby Polly Pockets when we were younger), and has looooonnnnnggg, perfect hair. It's dark and curly and very shiny, but she obviously slept on it when it was damp... the curls are a little squished. She plays with one ringlet that survived the night, and she does so for the entire class.

The girl to my back right is the one who is an overachiever in every sense. She's wearing sweats and a white t-shirt with some sort of logo. Tennis shoes. Hair in an I-was-just-working-out-for-the-last-hour ponytail. She takes notes, but doesn't overly participate.

One girl way in the front reminded me a bit of myself in middle school. Enthusiastic; petite; hair in a messy bun; overly participatory. She has on a pink North Face jacket (everyone seems to wear North Face), and very stiff-looking jeans that are a little short. Her hiking boots don't entirely cover her blue socks with the sparkly Star of David embroidery all over.

There's a guy way to my left who totally does not want to be here. He is the one saying, "Is it cold outside today? I didn't notice. And I'm only here because I have nothing better to do... that's why I'm in my pajama t-shirt. Can I leave now?" ...except that he doesn't say anything the whole time, or take notes. He just slouches in the chair and glares at the space in front of him.

Shoe count (female students only):
  1. tennis shoes ~ 7 pairs
  2. flats ~ 4 pairs
  3. heels ~ 1 pair
  4. boots ~ about 200 pairs
^^ I would put myself in the "flats-but-wishes-she-has-winter-boots" category.

Overall, it was a very good day. Cold. But good.

this song makes me smile =)


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Please, tell me this is not amazing.

This lady has skill.

(and she is pretty)

Do watch it full-screen.

On a lighter note, today we unveiled our pictures-of-Dorian-Gray. Hah.

Mine looked like some kind of Greek statue with an attitude on one side, and some Roman emperor with a serious superiority complex on the other. I forgot today, but next week I'll take a picture of it.

Also, my teacher found an iPhone app that lets you "age yourself." I put it in quotes because I dearly, dearly hope that I will not look like this when I get old. She sent us a screenshot of it, and I'm weighing my options as to what to do with it.
I could...
1) post it here and hope that it looks unreal-enough that I wouldn't have to worry about weird internet stalker people
2) print it out and make a mask so I could jump out and scare people
3) never, ever, EVER show the thing to anyone

opinions? =P

[the last] Oscar Wilde Quote(s) of the Day: (yes, I'm getting a bit tired of it)
"Crying is the refuge of plain women, but the ruin of pretty ones."

"My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's."

"Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about."

"When a woman marries again, it is because she detested her first husband. When a man marries again, it is because he adored his first wife. Women try their luck; men risk theirs."

"I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies."


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

So, I haven't been feeling so great lately.
My mom & I tried to find a day when I could stay home and "recuperate."
Unfortunately, at school I have tests all the time, and stuff I can't miss, and stuff I don't want to miss.
I was at my breaking point by last night, so my mom was going to keep me home today whether I liked it or not. I wake up after a good 11-hour sleep (10:15-9:15) to find out that... school is cancelled! YES! THIS is why I go to private school! =P

Then I came downstairs and started working on some stuff for my Brit Lit teacher. She wanted a sort of summary of all of my comprehensive MBTI knowledge (--semi-sarcasm), so I'm typing her up a... uh... "summary." A long one. Anyone who knows me knows that this is one of my "pet subjects," and I just have fun with it =)
So... yeah. that made me happy.

Then I wanted lunch (I may have lost my appetite, but by gum you know I've got to eat!), so I made myself Ramen. Did you know that one pack of Chicken flavored Ramen noodles contains 70% of your recommended daily salt intake? Yeah... uhh... we'll just pretend I didn't see that.

Oscar Wilde Quote of the Day:
"Religion? The fashionable substitute for Belief... skepticism is the beginning of Faith."


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuff. I guess.

Well, the Winter Formal last night went quite swimmingly.

This made me smile because I actually get to eat lunch on Tuesdays now instead of having meetings and sneaking food into the next class.

When you are wearing a formal dress, sans-pocket-or-purse, people are giving you money for at-the-door tickets, and none of the adults will hold on to it, what do you do with all the money you get until the end of the night so it doesn't get lost/stolen?

What do you think?! =D
(Megan cracks me up)
(Christine & Erin, I'm sure you've got this one down... hehe)

Then, I came home from the formal to find TWENTY FOUR unread emails. 22 of them from pretty much the same thread. Oh-so-fun =)

and... hmm... Chemistry wasn't so bad today as I thought.
We're learning about oxidation numbers and other yucky stuff, but my teacher put it into an acronym:
L [oses]
E [lectron]--
O [xidation]

G [ains]
E [lectron]--
R [eduction]

Sooo, Leo (the lion) goes "GER!" because he is big and scary.

Dan, of course, just smashed it all together...
"Hey, look, it's a French ogre!"

I felt sick all day (headache, tired, whatever... no biggie because I was out late; it's expected), so I came home and was just going to chill. BUT, a friend stopped by rawther unexpectedly, which was fun. Even though I fell over several times during the visit because I was dizzy.

Oscar Wilde Quote of the Day:
"To be popular one must be a mediocrity."


Monday, February 1, 2010

More Depressing Hilarity

Good gravy, grading papers gives me a case of the belly laughs!

(when I think about what these freshmen consider good grammar... oy vey! the future of the country is not terribly bright! ...just kidding)

I mean, generally in a 3-point paper (one main argument => 3 points => 3 supporting examples for each) you do not want to use point #3 as an example for point #2, and then turn around and use point #2 as an example for point #3!!!! GAHH!!!!!!

It makes me want to tear my hair out and spin around in whirling-dervish fashion, spitting and growling and ripping things, laughing the whole way!

PS- finished The Picture of Dorian Gray last night!! J'ADORE!!! perrrrfect ending.

PPS- Winter Formal tonight =)

Oscar Wilde Quote of the Day:
"One has a right to judge of a man by the effect he has over his friends."